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November 4, starting today poultry products made from tissue that has been mechanically removed from scraps and already stripped carcasses -- the materials are fed through a sieve, to separate and discard most of the bone -- must be labeled as containing "mechanically separated chicken" or "mechanically separated turkey." The purpose of this requirement, mandated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service, is to inform consumers that products processed in this way, including poultry nuggets, patties, frankfurters, and luncheon meats, do not consist simply of ground meat; they may also contain skin, bone, bone marrow, and the kidneys and sex glands of immature birds. The FSIS regulation was prompted in large part by a lawsuit brought against the USDA by manufacturers of red-meat sausages, who, along with other meat producers, have since 1978 been obliged to label mechanically separated beef, lamb, and pork as such.

Yes that is what they were feeding us at arbor ridge.... After the burrito massacure.

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I had a dream about arbor ridge just now. It was Miguel, Courtney, Brittney, Valery and I all hanging behind the tech lab. Then it started raining and thundering so we ran to the shelter by the middle school lunch room. You know where the water fountins are. So we were running up and down that hall way. I remember everytime it rained hard we would always get wet by that open area where there was only that tree (the one that one day its gonna bust the roof).

Good dream?
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So, i havent updated in a while... I dont know why. Here is what my life is up too

So I have been studying the scripting of livejournal. I learned the true effects of Global_Head=> was...

I cleaned my flute really good.. Its super shiny. I used a fourmla to give it a shiny tent. Its so aw-some.

A lot of my friends made superior in solo and ensemble. The ones i know are - Miguel/Chelsea, Kaity, Valery, Andera, Chelsea/Leah, and a whole bunch of other people (congrats to you all)...

Kristina's friends called me and started to call me stud muffin and stuff. Shes like "Why are you single?" I replyed "Girls at winter park dont Appreciate me enough..." haha thats pretty true. Her friends are aw-some.

I have been debating politics a lot lately. I kick so much butt in it.

I have been keeping up my daily 2-3 mile runs. *so exhausted*

I might join water polo.

I got moved into honors science. The class is still easy even though its honors. It is also scorching hot in there. I cant take it. I also have "B" lunch now.

Im getting all A's on my playing tests. Bassoon = way too easy!

Im going back to mister Decker. Hes cool. Hes like the energizer bunny; he keeps going and going and going!

Ah i gtg! Now you know what my life is up to!