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Welcome boys and girls

...hope your ready

Wat up kid
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Anybody , Moderated
Hey my name is domingo and i made this community. If you want in you gotta answer some questions.

-you must be an active LJ user-

-Must be 13 or older
-Must answer all questions below
-If you fight with someone then whatever i dont care, just dont fight with me or i will kick u out.
-you must post at least once every week
-Feel free to promote any communities
-you must get 10 votes to be accpeted
-Thats pretty much it you can do whatever else you want.

Application Rules
-Must be behind a LJ cut
-Dont Skip any Questions
-make the subject line of the app. be "New Application"
-you must apply 48 hours within joining.if you dont you will be rejected
-make the questions of the application bold its much easier to read..
-First 10 auto accepted but you still must fill out an app.*

Answer some questions and post them.



Where you live-



Fav blink song-

Name of the seventh track on the newest blink182 cd-

Something noone would ever know about you-

A picture of you-