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i'd have to say those are some wicked nice icons
i like the one wiht tom in the car
Sorry i fi haven't updated in soooo long i've been really busy with school and work
warped tour

im in

Thanks for lettin me join guys. im sooo excited. yeah school sux but what really sux is gettin pounded by 3 hurricans in the course oof 4 weeks. ive gotten out of going to 4 days of school and i may not be able to go back till wed. but tis awesome though. hey if anyone whats kewl blink color bars look at my info
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warped tour

New Application

Name-Breanna "Badass scooter rider"

Age- 17

Where you live- Florida


Status- takin

Fav blink song- Josie

Name of the seventh track on the newest blink182 cd- The Fallen Interlude

Something noone would ever know about you- i use to like nsync
but not as much as blink
A picture of you- my icon. its me eatin a rice crispy treat