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Hello there. I'm the moderator of  bourbon_street  and this Anne Rice RPG needs people/characters.

The more people, all the merrier, no? 

This is by all means not an ordinary RPG game, but more ... funnier. Lestat bashing, Louis bashing ...

Whatever character you decide to play, PLEASE make him funny.  

Taken characters :

- Louis : Louis_D_Lac

Reserved :

- Lestat

Please go to bourbon_street  for more information.

And if this message does not belong here, feel free to delete.


Blood and sex - it's all good.

Hello, welcome to my first community. Yes, I know you are all very excited. *snort* It is dedicated to Anne Rice's series, The Vampire Chronicles. From Lestat to Claudia all these characters you may talk about. You can even write a poem - an ode to Akasha, whatever fits your fancy. You may debate but I do not any immature person coming in my domain *gigglesnort* and saying something like, "THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES SUCK!" and then run off. For the Anne Rice fans will surely hunt you down...even if you did have a logical explanation for why you just said that. Because The Vampire Chronicles is very deep, descriptive, and it gives a whole new meaning for the phrase, "Bite me" that it is flabberghasting to not get into this series and dislike it.

*stares at non-existent people* *prods* Join and discuss!