1finedayfaraway (1finedayfaraway) wrote in _bleedingcolors,


Name: andrea
Age: 19
State: Canada
How long have you been self injuring? since i was 11
How do you self injure? I cut...?
Are you trying to stop? I have stopped and started several times
Are you embarrassed about cutting? Yes
Do you hide your cuts/scars? It's getting difficult
To what extents have you gone to hide your cuts/scars? I cover them up and wear non-revealing clothing
Do you know why you started? because i wanted to feel pain that i was in control of, and particially masocistic
Have you ever been hospitalized? No
Have you ever needed stitches? No
Are you on medication? Yes
Are you in therapy/counseling? Not currently, but i've seen over 15 therapists
Do other family members, friends, others know about your self injury? they think i stopped a long time ago.
Do you like looking at pictures? Why or why not? pictures of cutting? No, i'm trying to stop again
Have you ever tried to commit suicide? No, that would be too easy.
What do you like better: cuts, scars, or both? can I say scabs?
Do you have an experience with self injuring you would like to share? I use the razors on the insides of pencil sharpeners
Is there anything else you want to say? I don't know if this is a good idea.

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