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hey i just joined this thing like... 2 minutes ago. ive kinda been reading some entries to get to see what some of you are like. i am 14 years old, and i have been a cutter for 3 years now. i have been hospitalized for it 2 times, the first time being 8 months, the second time being 2 weeks. i am more than likely going to be sent into another ward sometime soon, for my third trip. yay me...
yesterday night i freaked out. i mean, yes i have been cutting again... but my whole wrist is fucked up. and ive been doing the cuts up and down, and deeper now.
its like... thats not really how i want to kill myself.. id rather OD or something like that...
but a maybe if an accident happened or something type of thing...
i dont know.
im lesbian.. well i guess bi leaning WAYYYYY towards the lesbian side. guys kinda confuse me. and ive had a lot of shit happen with guys.. and girls are just totally better. lol.
well... be my friend or something...

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