bleed like me

Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated


these rules have been made for the safety of our members and will be followed closely, if they are brocken you will be punished accordingly by the moderators. possible punishments are shown below.

1. listen to the maintainers, our word is final.
2. do not offend or attack any member of the community.
3. do not insult peoples veiws, we all think different things.
4. place all things under the cut list behind a cut.
5. follow all rules(especialy this one)

lj cut list

the following enteries must be placed behind an lj cut, failure to do so will result in punishment. this list has been made to hide possible triggers and to keep peoples ljs from becoming flooded.

1. pictures
2. surveys
3. poems/lyrics
4. very long enteries
5. stories of death
6. advertisements
7. complaints

if you have any thing else that you would like to be added to the lj cut list please contact us.

possible punishments

if a rule is brocken as well as being punished for your offence an entry will be posted telling all of our members about your offence.

1. being kicked from the community
2. posting access will be revoked for an appropriate amount of time
3. offending entries will be deleted
4. warning(you will be given 3 warnings)
5. comment access will be revoked for an appropriate amount of time


rules: copy and paste this application form into a new entry behind an LJ cut and answer all the questions, please include at least one picture of you if possible.

our members will then each look at your application and vote either yes or no on whether or not you should be allowed to become a member of this community, you will need either 6 possative votes or a majority vote.

1. name?
2. age?
3. gender?
4. location(country and city/state/village)?
5. birthday(day/month/year)?
6. email address?
7. eye colour?
8. hair colour?
9. who do you live with?
10. family members?
1. colour?
2. number?
3. day?
4. band/singer?
5. film?
6. book?
7. place?
8. item of clothing?
9. room?
10. animal?
11. mythic creature?
12. family member?
13. drink?
14. food?
15. tv program?
16. planet?
17. actor/actress?
1. job?
2. location?
3. holiday?
4. vehicle?
5. thing to do?
6. pet?
1. gay marriage?
2. inter-racial relationships?
3. teen pregnancy?
4. celebrities?
5. the president?
6. abortion?
7. suicide?
8. war?
9. the priminister?
10. cloning?
11. global warming?
1. how long have you been cutting?
2. and do you actually want to stop?
3. why/why not?
4. do you cut line's or words?
5. have you every taken a pic. of it?
6. do you have any rituals?
7. what do you like best about cutting?
8. are you ashamed to be a cutter?
9. what do you use to cut?
10. are you happy with what you use to cut?
11. have you been diagnosed with anything?
12. by whom?
13. do you self diagnose?
14. what would you say you had if you had to diagnose yourself?
15. are you on medication?
16. what kind/s?
17. do you self medicate?
18. do you purposly take more/less? which?
19. ever been in psych hospital?
20. what for/how long?
21. have you tried to commit suicide?
22. do you still have those thoughts?
23. have you ever needed stitches?
24. are you afraid that one time you might slice too deep?
25. has anyone ever stopped being your friend because they found out about your cutting?
26. what happened with that?
27. what is your worst experience relating to cutting?
28. what has been your best experience with cutting?
29. would you ever do sadomasochistic stuff, like getting your partner to cut you and vice versa?
30. do you fantasise about hurting others in anyway?
If yes, How?
31. and would you like to really do it in real life?
(Do you think you would?)
32. what about killing someone?
33. do you dream of that?
34. could you do it?
1. why do you want to join this community?
2. do you have any heros? If so, who are they and why?
3. out of.. Money, work, school, relationships, what is the most importnant to you?
4. what do you like about yourself?
5. what do you dislike about yourself?
6. if someone could describe you in one word, what would it be?
7. most embarrasing moment?
8. tell us something we don't know about yourself?
9. why should we accept you?

finaly promote this community in one place if possible


how to use lj cuts:
<*lj-cut text="title"*>
just copy and paste that at the top of your entry, don't forget to take out the stars.
anything you write after you have pasted that will be inside the cut, anything before will not.
dont forget to replace title with the title of your entry.

how to post pictures:
first creat a photobucket account here (www.photobucket.com)
then add the pictures you want to post into your account.
finaly take the given url and paste it to where ever you want the picture to go.


the maintainers of this community are myself x_dark_dreams_x and let_blood_flow, we will be watching this community and keeping the peace, we will make sure that the rules are followed. if you need to contact us our emails are on our information pages.