red_like_me (red_like_me) wrote in _bleed_like_me_,

1. Ellie
2. 16
3. female
4. San Diego
5. b-day 01.16.90
6. e/mail
7. eyes green
8. hair brown
9. live with mom, her husband, sister, occasionally one of her boyfriend
10. family mom, sister...
1. colour green
2. number I don't know. 2 I guess
3. day Hypothetically Saturday, contemporarily Sunday.
4. band Death Cab for Cutie
5. movie Oh gee I don't know. Fight Club?
6. book oh golly, there are so many. The Half Blood Prince. (?)
7. place my best friend's shoulder
8. item of clothing dolly shoes and apple tee
9. room his
10. animal horse
11. mythic creature flying goats
12. family member I couldn't say. Maybe my mom.
13. drink banana smoothie/ latte
14. food Thai
15. tv program 24
16. planet Earth
17. actor/actress eek this is hard. Rachel McAdams
1. job indie rock singer
2. location some place rainy
3. holiday anniversary
4. vehicle smart car
5. thing to do cuddle
6. pet horse (?)
1. gay marriage yes
2. inter-racial relationships yes
3. teen pregnancy sad
4. celebrities people
5. the president no idea
6. abortion murder
7. suicide cowardly
8. war terrible but perhaps necissary
9. the priminister no idea
10. cloning yes!
11. global warming now they say we're freezing and I really haven't read much.
1. how long have you been cutting 3 months
2. and do you actually want to stop I don't know.
3. why/why not I like to hurt.
4. do you cut line's or words line
5. have you every taken a pic. of it no
6. do you have any rituals no
7. what do you like best about cutting release
8. are you ashamed to be a cutter a little
9. what do you use to cut scissor
10. are you happy with what you use to cut don't know
11. have you been diagnosed with anything no
12. by whom?
13. do you self diagnose maybe
14. what would you say you had if you had to diagnose yourself the teenage condition/ maybe bipolar disorder
15. are you on medication no
16. what kind/s?
17. do you self medicate no
18. do you purposly take more/less? which no
19. ever been in psych hospital no
20. what for/how long no
21. have you tried to commit suicide no
22. do you still have those thoughts sometimes
23. have you ever needed stitches I wish
24. are you afraid that one time you might slice too deep no
25. has anyone ever stopped being your friend because they found out about your cutting no
26. what happened with that no
27. what is your worst experience relating to cutting doing it
28. what has been your best experience with cutting telling my best friend afterwards/ getting his attention
29. would you ever do sadomasochistic stuff, like getting your partner to cut you and vice versa nothing like that
30. do you fantasise about hurting others in anyway nothing beyond a breif thought of shoving someone away
31. and would you like to really do it in real life only half way
(Do you think you would?) there is a slight chance
32. what about killing someone no one but me
33. do you dream of that no
34. could you do it maybe to me
1. why do you want to join this community to share my experiences/ help others
2. do you have any heros? If so, who are they and why My best friend because he continues to save my life. And Jesus Christ because he is love.
3. out of.. Money, work, school, relationships, what is the most importnant to you doing good.
4. what do you like about yourself I'm skinny and sometimes I do a lot of good for people
5. what do you dislike about yourself I'm fat and untouched and stupid. a fool.
6. if someone could describe you in one word, what would it be true.
7. most embarrasing moment girl stuff.
8. tell us something we don't know about yourself I want to be married more than anything else.
9. why should we accept you I want to help and be helped.

I can't submit a picture of myself, but I draw, so here is one of my best pieces and has also inspired my username. obv.

You are NOT red like me
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