If We Can't Trust the Doctors

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"An awful lot of interesting and unusual musical concoctions have been cooked up in the Motor City over the years, but who in their right mind would have ever expected it to serve up the best hillbilly band in recent memory? Well, believe it, mister! Detroit band Blanche comes off as a bit of a twisted Carter Family for the 21st century, with the old-time country sincerity tempered by a healthy dose of modern-day doubt and skepticism, with a little dash of paranoia tossed in for good measure.

The band's debut album, 'If We Can't Trust The Doctors…,' is as entertaining as an old-time traveling medicine show. And its dark, funny, strange and touching little songs that float along on a dusty bed of pedal steel guitar, banjo and autoharp are darned-near guaranteed to cure whatever ails you."

-—W.C. Moriarity
Creem Magazine, November 2004

Blanche is:


pedal steel guitar; (omnicient and fidgety) Specialty: backhanded compliments

Dan John Miller:

guitar, vocals: (ornery and honest) Specialty: doing not what he says

Lisa 'jaybird' Jannon:

The drummer; (cunning and greedy) Specialty: non-verbal instigation

Tracee Mae Miller:

bass and vocals; (capricious and steadfast) Specialty: begging the question

Little Jack Lawrence

banjo, autoharp; (studious and undermining); Specialty: psychological filibustering

Patch Boyle

banjo, autoharp; (playful and foolhardy) Specialty: hiding when going gets tough
(Status: Hiding)

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