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Black x Rainbow Sales

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Selling journal of br0kenxd0llie

The Rules
1. Cash is preferred but I accept money orders and Paypal on orders over $5 [please add .50 if sending Paypal]. No personal checks.
2. I only accept payments in US dollars. I do ship internationally. So comment or e-mail me for shipping & handling costs.
3. I accept refunds/exchanges with good reason.
-Also when returning for a refund: you must pay the shipping to return the item back to me and you will be refunded the item price minus the shipping cost I used to send it to you.
6. When trading: If you have 0-9 positive feedback, you must send first. I will only send out at approximately the same time the other trader is sending with traders who have 10+ positive feedback. I do not send first; it's only fair to send together.
5. I delete comments to avoid clutter.
6. I do not delete the transaction from the Current Transactions list until you have left me feedback which is required. I keep track of who leaves feedback and who doesn't so please do so.
7. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT waste my time saying you want an item or will send payment and never do or never coment back saying you're not interested in an item after all. You will be added to the Deadbeat List.

I have been selling online on my own for 2 1/2 years and have helped my mom sell online for a year or 2 before that so i know this business well and am a complete professional :-)

You can check my feedback here: eBay ID: xsynthetic_threnodyx

Prices are negotiable!


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