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Thursday Therapy - 3 Feb 11 Therapy

Joining us from Birmingham, DJ D4T4KLY5M will be the guest DJ for February's Thursday Therapy!

January's Therapy session was one of our best so far! The night continues to grow and we can't wait to see you all again in February!

We've had a great turnout from our out of town friends, so as a special treat to them, and to those of you who drive in from out of the town, there will be NO charge at the door! ((Sorry, Huntsvillians and Decatur kids, but you've still gotta pay to play!))

We also have some drink specials in the works, but you'll have to come out in order to see what they will be!

As always it's $5 for 21+ and $10 for 19&20 and if you want to hear it and you're afraid the DJs might not have it, bring it!
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Bar 109 Presents: Thursday Therapy!

Thursday Therapy is proud to announce a special guest this week: DJ Revenger!

A Captain of the local Steampunk scene, Revenger is steeped in experience as a promoter/organizer bringing bands and events to the Lowe Mill. Expect extraordinary fashion and music from Reveneger and his crew!

Hope to see you there!
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Thursday Therapy is upon us once more! This Thursday, December 2nd, join us at Bar 109 in Huntsville, AL for an evening of good music and great people!

Here's a note by DJ joy_actual from his FB about this month's Thursday Therapy:

"So there are only two guys who have been doing this in Alabama longer than Jon (DJ naught) and I... Coyote J and Ben (DJ Adrakhonic).

Coyote J is a dick, so we didn't ask him to come and DJ; however, Ben is not a dick. Ben happens to be an awesome guy and damn good DJ!

So whether or not you're an old head (Sacrament, Dissonance, Paradox, or Blackout) or someone completely new to the scene, you owe it to yourself to see DJ Adrakhonic.

We simply don't want you to live with the regret of not being there. Think of it as an early xmas present to yourself :) "

Thursday Therapy 2 Dec 10

Please add us: Thursday Therapy Facebook Page
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Club Rush presents October's Thursday Therapy!


DJ DannyC and James Porter will be spinning all of your old school and new wave favs while DJ naught and joy_actual will be spinning... well... everything else, really.

Come join us for a laid back night of drinking, dancing and socializing!
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Club Rush Presents: Thursday Therapy's Post Dragon*Con Pajama Party!

Thursday Therapy Pajama Party!

Only one week until Thursday Therapy's Post-Dragon*Con Pajama Party!

We hope all of you going to Dragon*Con a great time and hope that when you return to the daily grind you join us for an evening of good music, good drinks, good people in sexeh (or maybe just comfy?) nighties and 'jammies at Huntsville's hottest club: Club Rush!

DJ DannyC and James Porter will be spinning all your New Wave, Darkwave and Alternative favorites from the 80s and 90s while DJ naught and DJ joy_actual will fill your EBM, Industrial and electro-clash needs!

Check out the flier for some special treats as well!!!
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Two weeks until Therapy!

Two weeks until the first Thursday night Therapy!

Thursday Therapy!

Come out and support North Alabama's only dark alternative night! There will be a variety of great music being played all night by your favorite DJs: joy_actual, DannyC, naught and James Porter!

Also, we will be giving away a pair of tickets to the Apoptygma Berzek and Panzer AG show presented by Birmingham's Blacklist! The show will be on Monday, September 6th at The High Note Lounge in Birmingham, so make sure you come out Thursday Therapy to not only have a great time listening to some great music and hanging out with your friends, but also to help promote your local scene and have a chance at winning a pair of tickets to what's going to be a great a show in Birmingham!

Please note: Thursday Therapy is a private event and you must have the below card, or be accompanied by someone with a card, to enter (coming dressed in "proper" attire or presenting this card on your phone/etc. will also get you in the door - The management at Club Rush just wants to make sure that everyone in attendance feels comfortable and welcome without having to deal with any possibly obnoxious locals) - thanks!

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