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[Feb. 11th, 2011|02:58 pm]



Alright, since our guest DJ (DJ D4T4KLY5M) got iced in and couldn't make it out of Birmingham for our last Thursday Therapy we are having a special repeat event (well... I guess it's not a repeat really, but... it kind of is... sooo... whatever!)!

Birmingham's very own, DJ D4T4KLY5M, will be joining us!

If you're from out of town (not from the Huntsville/Decatur area) you get in for FREE!

AND we have an oh-so-loverly drink special to boot!

Regardless if you like to just hangout, have a drink and talk, or shake your stuff out on the dance floor, come out! Come out! Come out!

Besides, it's Thursday night - what else do you have to do?