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This week! [Feb. 2nd, 2011|12:29 pm]


corrected 3 Feb 11 Therapy

Joining us from Birmingham, DJ D4T4KLY5M, will be our guest DJ for February's Thursday Therapy!

January's Therapy session was one of our best so far! The night continues to grow and we can't wait to see you all again tomorrow night!

We've had a great turnout from our out of town friends, so as a special treat to them, and to those of you who drive in from out of the town, there will be NO charge at the door! ((Sorry, Huntsvillians and Decatur kids, but you've still gotta pay to play!))

We also have some drink specials in the works, but you'll have to come out in order to see what they will be!

As always it's $5 for 21+ and $10 for 19&20 and if you want to hear it and you're afraid the DJs might not have it, bring it!

See you there!

***Cover waived for people outside the Huntsville-Decatur Metro area. Void where prohibited. No representation is made that the awesome time you will have is greater than the awesome time provided by other DJs and or Clubs. The phrase "awesome time" includes, but is not limited to, meeting great people and hearing bad-ass music. Some restrictions may apply.***