heartlessfemme (heartlessfemme) wrote in _blackmail_,

What motivates. (blackmail theme in pt. 4)


So I've got an ongoing series, if you've been busy living down in the dirt like the insects you are you might not know about it, but believe me, the other jackworms are onto it already and partying heavily under my influence. You NEED this- the FINANCIAL DOMINATION re-awakening of a lifetime!

I've been seeing a LOT of bad behavior out there, and a lot of crap that has totally diluted the whole point of Financial Domination, as I see it. My philosophies and my completely heartless and cruel rhetoric are way overdue - already wayward wankers have been adjusted and tugged back into place.  The clips are accessibly priced - my ATTENTION based on them is not. And guess what's already happened?

My hands are rapidly becoming filled again with the putty of malleable non-men who long to suffer.  Lucky them.

Demeaning, Demoralizing, and DIVINE.

Here's a breakdown in parts, if you're like that.

Also available at my KINKBOMB shop:

And at my c4s
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