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Royal Musings: NYC, glib's Labor of Love, And MUCH More

It's been a massive blogfest over the last few days.  Usually, I post every 3rd blog on here, but I've been busy.  So, below is a good one, but be sure to check out the others:

Labors of Love- My Labor Day Weekend:

To date (glibertarian):

This saying happens to be more significant to some than others. Some of you dream about serving. Some of you wish you could serve. Some of you tried, failed and have been eternally banished. And a lucky few of you get to relish in the thought of serving someone as Imperious and Superior as Moi- cherish it. It's a privilege not a right.

Take for example My little glibster. I have known him for years now. his little bitch ass enjoyed an intense month of service and drainings. For starters, his cock is now My cock. That means, a strict set of rules regarding what he can and cannot do has been institutionalized.

1) No touching MY cock, skin to skin. I want him to forget what it feels like to hold himself in his hand. So, that means, he must buffer the skin of his hands with a thick cloth, tissue or sense numbing material whenever he...

2)...Sits down to pee. he is now My emasculated little bitch. No standing for you! In doing so he will have to end convos he is having on the way to the bathroom early, so he can find a vacant stall, as well as be burdened FINDING a "men's" bathroom with a stall. he will also have to deal with the likelihood of that pathetic dick touching the seat.

3) Of course, chastity! BWAHAHAHA. No stimulation or cumming, whether in the form of mental of physical. I want him to walk the fine line of losing his drive, while being purposefully teased and overstimulated by My actions.

It's going to be a LONG life of service for poor glibertarian- and I mean that in the most sincere way, both in actuality and figuratively speaking. Poor is the man whose pleasure depend on the permission of another, however deprived is the man who lives only to please himself.  It's not just My personal motto, but YOUR way of life...

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