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slave jessica pics

I've received some new pics from slave jessica.

...a tight little pvc dress

...her with her pretty little face mask on

...and a frontal, you can almost peak her chastity belt underneath the front of the skirt

Since jessie has been masturbating willy nilly whenever she pleases since My absence she's been instructed to not touch her cock till Friday. And since she can't be trusted as all her willpower is now nonexistant she will also have to wear her chastity belt till then.

Now jessica is quite creative as I may have mentioned before, she likes to build her own contraptions. See this one below...

Soon, very soon, she and I have a date. She is to bind herself to this contraption, dressed up like a little sissy maid in her 5 inch heels, and I the whole time watching and listening to her. She will remain that way (or try to at least) for 75 mins. Notice the dildo on a pole? Well, if her legs start to get weak and she finds herself wanting to lower her body her lovely little asshole will be met by that nice big dildo! Fabulous isn't it?

Oooo, I just can't wait for all that fun to begin!!!
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