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Users Of BitTorrent
Рязанской группе «Зга» на днях исполнилось 16 лет. Никак с этим событием не связанный, после очень долгого молчания, у группы вышел новый альбом. Слушать, не слушать, ругать, рецензировать, делиться впечатлениями, распространять можно сколько угодно.

Галатея и группа «Зга»

Смена Эпох

1. Фловерам
2. Выше нуля
3. Честно
4. Шахтёрский вальс
5. Страшно
6. Сердца
7. Джига железной дороги
8. Ни роду, ни племени
9. Путник
10. Саламандра
11. Самый последний снег
12. Смена эпох
13. Вайа-Верево

Весь альбом в одном RAR-архиве (192 Kbps)

Галатея (Лилия Борисова) - гитара, вокал, бэк-вокал, музыка, тексты;
Сергей Филатов - гитары, барабаны (2,12), сэмплы, программирование;
Денис Вагин - бас-гитара, клавишные;
Владимир Волков - скрипки, альт, мандолина, блок-флейта

В записи принимали участие:
Вячеслав Сергеев - барабаны (1);
Алексей Соловчук - скрипка (1, 4, 5, 6, 13);
Павел Филин - гитара (2, 3)

Аранжировки – «Зга»

Записано на домашней студии «Саламандра» Сергеем Филатовым в 2005-2009 гг., кроме 7 (2001, там же); 8, 9, 10 (голос и гитара записаны в московском клубе "Форпост" Юрием Марковым в 2002)
Сведено Сергеем Филатовым в марте-апреле 2009

Обложка - Земфира Малюкова

Спасибо Анатолию Обыдёнкину, Олёне Лазаревой, Юрию Князеву, Ивану Пашкову, Александру Ермилину, Владимиру Лютецкому, Михаилу Ермакову, Либби Ияр, Льву Этину, Алле Гореловой, Вольфгангу Амадею Моцарту

Сайт группы «Зга» (и группы «Саламандра»): http://zga-salamandra.ru
Группа В Контакте: http://vkontakte.ru/club2687862
Will We Ever See Majors On BitTorrent?

It has always been interesting to watch how distribution platforms interact with content providers. While TPB made fun of letters they got from copyright holders, Mininova created its great Content Distribution system, using their own servers with high speed Internet connection to support legal uploads. Unfortunately, I seldom, if ever, see major content providers uploading their work via various CD systems. And I understand their motives. Younger generation of Internet users are getting used to the fact that one can get everything from the Net for free, and that might very well be frightening - whom will they sell their product to, be it software, games etc in the future?

I was so interested in finding out the answer to the question "When will one be able to see legal uploads from great software, music and video producers" that I have decided to look into current situation.

Distribution platforms and creators, what relations do the have nowadays? 

To get rid of continuous torrent removal requests, Russian number one torrent tracker - rutracker.org (ex-torrents.ru) creates special accounts for local divisions of major copyright holders such as EA Games, GFI, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony etc. Those accounts have special rights to close unwanted uploads instantly. This proves to be very effective if one does not want their work to be spread on the most popular distribution platform in Russia and as a result you can hardly find brand-new game hits, latest version of Windows OS or Adobe Photoshop. 
Status: Closed by copyright holder

For those, however, who want their work to be downloaded, rutracker.org has special section "Uploads by authors", which is quite similar to Mininova CD.

"I've achieved more than expected", - Anton Yakomulsky, drummer and co-founder of Russian band Muha comments. The band released their second album "Album for drawing" via "Uploads by authors". "The reason why we released our album via torrents.ru was simple - we wanted to show our work to people. I was surprised as I never anticipated it would be downloaded that much. I also received evidence that by uploading music on the internet CD sales are not actually dropping but growing, so if a potential buyer manages to get a closer look at what they are about to buy, he or she is more willing to do it, or not do it".

Muha's Album for drawing CD

Muha did not stop on torrents.ru, and uploaded their album on demonoid. That was another success.

"It has always been hard with Russian culture, let alone outside Russia, as Russian music is not accepted there at all. So it was really cool to popularize russian music, and it is really surprising for me that people are actually listening to it. What is even more surprising that they manage to send thankful letters and leave comments, I don't know anybody, and I know a lot of Russian artists and bands, who has the same interest among western and eastern listeners. I think it's high time we started publishing letters we receive on our site, as the number is becomming bigger and bigger day by day"

Some other Russian mainstream artists have been found releasing their work via "Uploads by authors". For example popular punk-rock band "Lumen" released they new album on torrents.ru as CD Rip with 192 kbps bitrate and additional materials inside the upload. Although lossless version of their album appeared after that, Lumen upload remains the most seeded one.

Last year, Mozilla, introduced its FireFox add-ons Contributions pilot. This feature allows developers to request an optional dollar amount for their Firefox Add-on.
Mozilla's FireFox add-ons Contributions

"Our aim with this pilot is to help support a growing ecosystem by providing our users with the opportunity to support their favorite add-on developers. We’re asking for feedback from our community to drive the future of this pilot and we look forward to learning as much as we can.", - Add-ons Director Nick Nguyen explains.

This works pretty simple. The author can create a PayPal ID where contributions would be send. It is worth mentioning that Mozilla does not take percentage from the contributions, that means the author gets everything minus transaction fee.

I have contacted some developers who took part in Contributions pilot to get their opinion of such an approach.

"Firefox add-ons contributions has been a great initiative which provides the add-on users an opportunity to extend their support to their add-on." - says Shivanand Sharma, the author of ColorFulTabs, - "It [contribution] may be seen as an appreciation of their work or a monetary compensation for their time and effort put into the development or even an incentive to develop and release new add-ons or improve existing ones. As a developer I do believe it has in more than one ways been a very successful with the add-on authors. However, the contributions can be limited for add-ons with a small number of downloads or the less popular ones. Additionally they are certainly more important to attractive individual developer talent than to attract corporates or organizations which are into the development of  these add-ons. This is mainly because the revenue model of organizations isn't based around earning revenue from the contributions but from other sources. Thus (ignorant of the actual statistics) I'd speculate that the initiative is more targeted towards the individual developers and its power has certainly been tapped into by them as is evident from more and more add-ons accepting contributions".

"It's a good system for donations. It's not a full-blown purchasing system / appstore," - comments FoxyProxy author, Eric H. Jung, - "and isn't intended to be. Althouhg Mozilla is planning such a store, as revealed by Justin Scott at AddonCon '09."

Apple's iStore is an example of platform-publisher relationship where everybody is happy. I've contacted some app developers fo comments, unfortunalety for me they did not reply to me at the time this article got posted. 

As we see from the examples above and aroud us, majors are only willing to get everything or nothing. They spend a lot of money on nothing, and by that I imply fight with piracy, yet they want to get every single cent that, as they mistakingly believe, avid internet users are stealing from them. They are not willing to look and get something that lies in between. They are not willing to adopt to the digital age of sharing. Maybe that is because the Net is used only by 20% of world's population and it's early to adopt as things go smoothly. We have yet to know what Hans Pandeya has in his pocket, maybe he will be the one who'll make things change?

Before Windows 7 I used a legal copy of Vista and I was OK with that since the price for the OS was included in the price of my Toshiba laptop. Other than that, I’d have probably used Ubuntu and Open Office or a pirated copy of Windows. Why am I writing these lines? Because our world needs to be changed, and that change can become a reality only with you participating.

It’s a well known fact that with the advent and development of computer technologies, the process of exchanging information between two or more net users has become that much more easy and convenient, it’s obvious that interested parties cannot control the process anymore.

Content producers, such as computer game developers, artists and movie makers (depending on their size and the amount of money they have in their pockets) have been found behaving differently. While some cannot stop sending court summons’ to copyright infringers, others simply close their eyes to the notion. The former usually do not get their money back, and the latter do not earn more due to their inaction.

Not until recently has anyone among content producers ever thought of what could they possibly do, in order to get “stolen” money back and start earning even more than they used to.

EA Games are a company who opened their eyes first and started to think of game creation, development and support processes from a quite different perspective. In retrospect, what EA did was a great step forward, even though we have yet to see the fruits of that move. EA bought PlayFish for some 400 million USD – a company which is one of the leaders in the social game development market. In fact, PlayFish was and is one of those successful companies which reports great profits from selling virtual goods in games released on major social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Let’s examine EA’s move a bit closely.

In general, while developing a computer game the developers are hoping that their product will be actively bought, moreover they hope that the revenue from game sales will cover the development costs and bring in additional money to invest in future projects. There again, with the advent of broadband Internet and overall expanding global Internet penetration, it’s becoming a lot easier and faster for gamers to download games from the Internet, from file hosting servers and peer-to-peer networks etc.

Frankly speaking, ISPs in Russia allow pirated games, movies and software on their FTP servers for their clients for free use. As a result, developers aren’t getting additional money, even though their games might be hit of the season. Pay attention, I didn’t say developers lost their money or got robbed. They are just not getting additional money.

What PlayFish, Zynga and other companies did is what I call a money making revolution. They have started making money and I must say good money on an enormous scale, from what is free from the very beginning.

Consider this. They are releasing their product on a platform that has more than 300 million users all over the world, for free. They do not spend money on pre-promotion as we see it in the off-line world. Instead, once they have released a game they go all in advertising on the same platform. Then the platform acts quite the same as TBP’s top downloads list, the main difference however, is that it makes the game developer company cash flow positive. They are not getting money from every new gamer, instead they are selling particular items inside the game so that the gamer can advance more quickly.

As an employee of the same company operating in Russia I must say that this proves to be effective. Development spendings are reduced. Flash semi-casual games are easier to develop, require less “hands”, have low hardware requirements, hence can be played on virtually any machine.

“Social gaming, with its emphasis on friends and community, is seeing tremendous growth and this is the right time to invest to strengthen our participation in this space,” says EA Interactive’s senior VP and GM Barry Cottle.

A team of four to five coders, designers and game developers could make a decent game in two weeks, with development costs which would eventually be 100% covered. What amuses me now is why music labels and movie companies haven’t tried to implement the same approach.

Why threaten torrent sites when you can… buy them. And turn a part of their enormous user base into paying customers.And here is the part where we, as a user base come in.

It is high time we developed and offered a working system for content producers where the users get the material they want quickly and producers get additional money for that. I think we must collaborate to create the above-mentioned system. We should do that to prevent unnecessary court hearings and and get rid of excessive anger between downloaders and producers. Here are my 5 cents as I see it.

Seeders are those heroes who keep torrents alive. Rating or ratio, on some torrent sites requiring registration, is what motivates leechers to keep seeding after the download is completed. The less ratio a user has the less can they download. Or sometimes, particular hit and runners even get banned from the torrent site.

What I see is a torrent site and tracker, or even better – many of them, controlled by a group of content producers: music labels, movie studios and so forth. The site requires registration in order to count ones ratio, that’s the only thing the registration is used for.

Content providers then release their product on the site, setting a certain ratio rate on the upload – for example, users having ratio less than 1.25 cannot start downloading. Users are given two options – either support some previous upload by that particular content provider or purchase some ratio points, just as they might via donation at a regular site.

Some torrent addicts would rather help seeding previous uploads while others, who cannot wait to see the new episode of their favorite show in perfect quality, would gladly buy some points to be able to download.

The scheme is simple as it is, and i’m sure it could be developed. The main thing is not to think of torrent downloads as stolen money. CD sales aren’t dropping because of piracy, it is because the CD is becoming an outdated and inconvenient format. Millions of songs, on the other hand, are being successfully sold on iTunes and other sites where users can get what they want easily and in abundance. That proves that several monetizing models could co-exist.

I’m not stating that that my idea is perfect, all I want is to start a collaborative work aimed at making BitTorrent a place where technology is used legally and everyone is happy. If content providers could think of a way to build something which is working fine for both parties, we are the only ones left.
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10th-Dec-2009 01:45 pm - help needed
Big Eyes Cloud
Hi there what with one after another torrent site disappearing I need help to find a desecent site to find torrents for as many of the DC Crisis comic book series as possible!

Thanks in advance for any help
10th-Jul-2008 10:57 pm - Little Help Please
kate ♥
Was wanting to know what kind of wire or whatever can be used to connect a laptop to a TV so that I can watch a downloaded movie? If anyone could give me any laymen instructions on how to burn the movie to disc that would also be very helpful. I was a little paranoid to post this anywhere else so I hope it's not against the rules.
25th-Jun-2008 02:13 am - Newbie with question
Hello all. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find DVDRIP torrents of the following shows?

Chuck S1
Heroes S2
Hidden Palms
House S4
Lost S4
Prison Break S3
Reaper S1
The Office S4?

Any help is appreciated :D

EDIT: Also off topic question: Can you play .avi files in PowerDVD 8? I want to cap some .avi files but can't get them to play :\
31st-Mar-2008 08:01 pm - Can You Play a Torrent
that is in the process of being downloaded?
AVI file
29th-Feb-2008 08:39 pm - Apps

Hi does anyone know where I can get Nero7 or Nero8, Adobe PS CS3 for OS Vista without any trojans?

Blogged with Flock

27th-Feb-2008 01:32 am - Torrent Needed
I need help. I am desperate to re-watch Hercules The Legendary Journeys but I am having an impossible time finding decent torrents to download it.

Does anyone know where there are full season or the entire series torrents with a good seed/leech number on them?

I have tried the pirate bay, isohunt, ect. I have found some of the older seasons with a handful of people seeding, and some random episodes. But I want to start from the beginning. I am not a member of any private sites, so if you know of any with it that could be a huge help.

I know someone has put them on Megaupload, but since I am not premium I can only download 2 episodes before I have to wait a 100 years to get more. Not going to be fun to do for six seasons + movies.

Any ideas?
Rubbish Bag
Dear members of _bittorrent.

This is a message from your local friendly neighbourhood co-moderator.

Let me explain that I along with a few other people noted that the community was just not being moderated on any sort of regular basis. To remedy that I reluctantly applied for some sort of moderator status to the original community creator, who it seems has been quite busy with life, the universe and everything, for quite a while.

Anyway, my main aim is to tidy up and update all site related information on an on-going basis. I’ve never really managed a community before and I have a life as well, so bear with me as I guess it’ll take me a little time to get up to speed!

Ok regarding any earth-shattering changes to the community, well, there aren’t really any, except the following TWO rather important stipulations:

Firstly, there is only one activity that the original community creator has insisted is unacceptable and that is the trading/offering/requesting of Bittorrent Site Invites. One reason for this is to stop the community from clogging up with such posts and the other is because most Bittorrent sites strictly forbid such activity and ultimately in the long run may attract some unwanted attention from various directions. I myself have been guilty of this in the past so cannot escape the blame but as its now written in stone and frankly non-negotiable, there’s no excuse to posts such request/offers any more. Conversely advertising Site Signups is utterly acceptable, but I must reiterate that all invite shenanigans is strictly forbidden upon pain of death.
Fortunately to get around this, I’ve created a new community to address this ‘problem’, It’s called torrent_invites. Please feel to visit, join and request/offer/pimp your invites there to your heart’s content (also advertising site-signups will be allowable there so they may be cross posted between the two communities).

Secondly, MY only personal stipulation regarding posts is that all future posts be submitted as FRIENDS-ONLY. This is simply to prevent web-spiders from indexing conversations that occur. This is not simply an attempt to become an underground forum, rather to allow people to safely converse about ALL aspects of Bittorrent within and only within the confines of this community (excluding invites of course!)

Ok so to recap, no invite related activity and all posts to be Friends-Only, and of course I realise that its going to take a slight transition period to achieve the two aforementioned goals, so no dramas for a few days, but after that all bets are off.

Other than that please feel free to submit ideas/feedback about any improvements or information that should be added to the comm. Over time I’ll update the FAQ’s, guides, memories and implement any required improvements to the comm.

Sorry for the length - but I hope this helps to tidy-up and to clarify a few things. Cheers.
30th-Sep-2007 06:32 pm(no subject)
i am really, really terrible at finding torrents..i swear.
i was wondering if someone could find me a program called "snap"
the full version. it's a photobooth type program that you can take pictures ala mac style with your webcam. i have the trial, but it only lets ya take 10 pictures a day! haha.
my brother and i like messing with the tools.

thanks in advance!
30th-Sep-2007 03:23 pm - Does anyone have or know of
a torrent for the new school yard heroes cd

its called abominations

id really like it
thank you in advance
30th-Sep-2007 02:02 pm - Demonoid
Would anyone be kind enough to send an invite to me. I tried the torrent tracker that someone here suggested but it did not work. I have nothing to offer "yet" except maybe so mp3's through sendit, but I will be very grateful if anyone if would be nice enough to help me.
28th-Sep-2007 08:01 pm - Private Tracker (movies)
Now that demonoid is down, is there another private tracker that shares movies? I'm trying to get a hold on Moulin Rouge!...
What is this Oink I hear so much about?
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