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The REAL Ricean vampires
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Coven of the Articulate...HA! Coven of the Illiterate is more like it! Do you think that Lestat and Louis spend their immortality contemplating God and life and reading love poetry under the full moon? Have you somehow gotten the impression that Marius is anything but a pompous show-off that spends most of his time fantasizing about sex acts with pre-pubescent boys?

Hell, we're lucky if Louis makes it through a full lunar cycle without setting something ablaze...townhouses, various wooded areas...himself. It's gotten to the point where Lestat makes him sleep in the shed, lest the couple be forced to purchace their third townhouse of the year.

And Marius...well, let's just say that the numerous sexual harassment lawsuits have got him running a whole lot faster than the Talamasca ever has!

Yes, welcome to our disfunctional family. Pull up a chair, grab a soda, and just try to ignore Armand and Marius on "family night."

Oh, and rules are arbitrarily created as we see fit. Right now there is one. Here. Follow it.

+++ The Cast +++

Louis: beautifullouis
Armand: covenmaster
Gabrielle: forestmistress
Merrick: levampmerrique
Memnoch: devilm
God Almighty: bowbeforeme

This monstrosity was created by: levampmerrique.

Moderated by levampmerrique, covenmaster and beautifullouis. Have a problem? Bring it to one of us. We may or may not laugh in your face and use you for fledgling meat.