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Bitch Please

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated


If you post a promotion in this community
without being a member I will instantly ban you and... beat you.

If you disrespect any of the mods, you
will be banned and killed.

Also if you have 800x600 I'm sorry
because our layout will kill your pc.

This Community was started by _faker and x_poserxcore_x because they were bored

one night and decided to make their very own community and here it is.

Both the owners are very different
people and all people with all interests will be accepted. No Discrimination.


1. You MUST be at least 15 years old.

2. You have 2(TWO) days after joining to post your application.

3. Your application must be in an LJ cut.

.4 Answer your application with more than one word.

5. Do not delete your post if you get a lot of No's. This will result in being banned.

6. Do not Post until Stamped.

7. Do not comment on any post but yours until your stamped.

8. If your application is not stamped in 2(TWO) days contact a MOD.

9. Don't ask to be a MOD. If we want you to be a MOD, we'll ask you.

10. Don't Bitch if you don't make it.

11. If rejected, wait 1(ONE)week to re-apply.

12. Vote and promote.

13. Show us you read our rules. Place "Bitch Please" in the subject line of your application.


1. This is a rating community, rate on your honest opinion.

2. Vote with a yes/no answer.

3. Give reasons for your vote.

4. Put yes or no in the subject line, or bold it in the comment.

5. Being harsh is OK, but don't get too carried away or be a major jackass.

6. Stay active.






{5 bands}

{5 movies}

{5 books}

{5 TV shows}


{Teen Sex}




{Organized Religions}


{Make Us laugh}

{One Random Fact}

{What's your favorite Possession}

{Why should we let you in, prove your a bitch, bitch.?}

{Promote Us}

{Who promoted you?}


{3-5 pictures}

{Any Last Words}?

Aim: WhiteGrlsDie

Aim: headtotehbarrel

I will get these up one day.


*feel free to
make some members*

Credit: blue3yedsuicide