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we're the only ones who matter


we rock, you suck
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we'll drive the band t0 shippensburg and h0pe that we get played

east coast hardcore

this is a community for hot ass east coast kids. and by east coast i mean ME, VT, NH, NY, PA, OH, MI, IN, KY, WV, VA, TN, GA, FL, SC, NC, MD, DE, NJ, CT and RI. if you don't know what states those are then go look at a map.

1. must have been born and/or currently live on the east coast.
2. no one younger than 15 can apply.
3. don't post on anyone else's posts accept your application until you have been accepted.
4. if you are rejected than go away. obviously no one likes you.
5. don't be an ass to the members who are saying yes or no to you or you'll automatically be rejected. but if you are already a member, bitch to whomever applies.
6. you better be a scene/indie kid to join. so if we reject for the sole purpose that you're not scene, we warned you.
7. put all of your application behind an lj cut or you'll get rejected because you're obviously a dumbass.

born in=
currently live in=
hair color=
eye color=
top 10 bands=
top 10 movies=
name one band you hate and why=
name one movie you hate and why=
why do the bitches love you=
**3 or more pictures**

now go apply!