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age/dob= fifteen/june 19th 1989
born in= northeast ohio
currently live in= northeast ohio
height= 5'6"
hair color= very blonde, naturally dark blonde soon to be dark something
eye color= blue
top 10 bands= every time i die. against me!. the blood brothers. les savy fav. tegan and sarah. bear vs. shark. ratatat. norma jean. pretty girls make graves. the unicorns
top 10 movies= ghost world. stand by me. welcome to the doll house. romeo and juliet. my girl. jurassic park. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. mean girls. grease. clerks
name one band you hate and why= i cannot stand the band seven dust, i never have been able to. the singers voice makes my skin crawl and my stomach tie up in knots. i dated a boy who listened ot them once, he would play them in the car and i almost shot him in the face, needless to say...he was gone quickly. boys without music taste are just bad news.
name one movie you hate and why= the big lebowski, that movie was pointless and annoying.
why do the bitches love you= because i am fucking sweet. my hair is what?...white practically? i carry a carpet bag sometimes, i fucking started that pin wearing trend, and i crack down on all those losers who started wearing their belts sideways and backwards after it became "core" those kids get a kick in the face.
**3 or more pictures**

  <--i look like a possum in that one.


that's all i have of my hair this way. most of my other pictures are before i dyed/cut my hair.

<3go for it.

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