~MandeRs~ (purexunxut) wrote in _bitchesloveme,

name= Amanda
age/dob=21 04/06/83
born in=chicaogo,il
currently live in=Georgia
hair color= red and brown
eye color= blue and green
top 10 bands= a5a,cool hand luke,disturbd,311,incubus,korn,linkin park,icp,hpe,tool
top 10 movies=drop dead fred,28 days later,gothica,tcm(new version),pulp fiction,oceans eleven,beauty and the beast,stand by me,halloween and last but not least remembering the titans.
ame one band you hate and why= I son't have any bands... Music Rocks!
name one movie you hate and why=house of 1000 corpses, well uh that self explanitory i like blood and gory but damn. ahhh
why do the bitches love you=ha ha the bitches love me cause i am me, the one and only no copy right on my ass.
**3 or more pictures**

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