whatifyouwereme (whatifyouwereme) wrote in _bitchesloveme,

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name= Dan Gagnon
age/dob=16 8/5/88
born in=MI
currently live in=MI
hair color=black
eye color=brown
top 10 bands=mindless self indulgence, the blood brothers, bright eyes, modest mouse, falloutboy, oasis, belle and sebastian, apc, half the battle, dresden dolls
top 10 movies=Ghost world, donnie darko, amilee, the nightmare before christmas, requiem for a dream, the others, lost in translation, drop dead fred, pulpfiction, 28 days later.
name one band you hate and why= that would have to be trapt, their sound just disappoints me
name one movie you hate and why=the village, it left a lot to be desired.
why do the bitches love you= the bitches love me because they know that I can rock.

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