iheart_the_rain (iheart_the_rain) wrote in _bisexual_teens,

- What's your name? Kayli
- Are you out?: Not really, most of my friends know but my parent definately don't
- How many years have you graced earth?: 14
- Where ya from?: United States
- Would you date long distance?: I would.
- Do you smoke? Do you mind smokers?: no and not really
- Do you drink? Do you mind drinkers?: when I go to parties and i just dont like mean drunks
- Do you do drugs? What about girls/guys that do? weed/ um..
- How tall are you? 5'ish
- What kinds of music do you like? alteravitve, NeverShoutNever, ... pretty much anything tho.
- Do you consider yourself butch/femme/andy/labeless?: labeless
- Tell me 4 things, you are looking for in a future partner: common sense, humor, someone who doesn't put themselves down all the time; AND friends ship.
- What is your current r'ship status? Single.
- And of course the cheesy one, what would be a perfect date for you? at home with a box of pizza, music, and just us two
- Only one left! How can you be reached? LiveJournal, msn messenger,

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