Brittan (____omgzbrittan) wrote in _bisexual_teens,

Hiii. I'm new here. Does anyone use this community anymore? I hope so. I like friends, not just potential girlfriends, so feel free to add me or strike up a conversation if I interest you in any way. :)

- What's your name? Brittan. It's pronounced like the country, Great Britain.
- Are you out?: Not completely. I'm trying.
- How many years have you graced earth?: 19.
- Where ya from?: Florida.
- Would you date long distance?: Possibly.
- Do you smoke? Do you mind smokers?: I do not smoke but do not mind smokers.
- Do you drink? Do you mind drinkers?: I do not drink but do not mind drinkers at all!
- Do you do drugs? What about girls/guys that do? I do not do drugs and do not like guys/girls that do.
- How tall are you? 5'5"
- What kinds of music do you like? Anything, I go from listening to HIM to Jonas Brothers to Kenny Chesney within a 10 minute period.
- Do you consider yourself butch/femme/andy/labeless?: Labeless, I'm me.
- Tell me 4 things, you are looking for in a future partner: Friendship, Humor, Vagina, Honesty.
- What is your current r'ship status? I'm actually in a relationship with a boy and have been for almost 2 years now, but I'm more into girls. My boyfriend knows and has actually supported me the most.
- And of course the cheesy one, what would be a perfect date for you? Anything romantic! I like picnics, beaches, theme parks, fireworks, concerts. God, I couldn't even think of anything "perfect". I just like anything cheesy. :)
- Only one left! How can you be reached? Livejournal, obviously. Also :)


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