November 1st, 2004

You guys may be very interested in this.

Heya, know i've only posted in here once and that was like ages ago but hey to all who've joined since.

Dunno quite how hardcore you guys are with this band but I'm pretty mad about them, got into them when I was about fourteen fifteen and i'm 21 now hehe. own pretty much everything they've ever done including most of the limited stuff and foreign stuff.

Anyway, if you guys are quite hardcore you may know that there's a bunch of demo's of never released songs recorded prior to the first album that are pretty impossible to find. Flesh-Mechanic is on the second of the two teenage angst 7inchs, themselves pretty hard/impossible to find. Flesh-Mechanic and another song, Paycheck, used to be available from the brick shithouse website before it became the official site. However there are actually three other demo songs that are like gold dust, up until yesterday I hadn't even heard them. However.... I found a random french site that has them! They're not fantastic quality and not really awesome songs, though kangaroo died is pretty good.

Anyway, if you're interested (and dammit ya should be hehe)

The address is:

There's a whole load of stuff there, most of it b-sides some of which you may not have heard too. The demo songs are stardate 1804, 2468 and kangaroo died.
Flesh mechanic and paycheck are there too.