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Intro Post nn;;;

Name: Brandi
Age: 18(and a half if you count that haha nn;;)
Location: (optional) Maryland D:
Why you love Billy Idol: h-he's hot and has a equally hot voice nn;? Seems like reason enough for me >>; And his songs are the sex.
Favorite Billy Song: right now its a toss between Eyes Without a Face and Rebel Yell. I flop over them all the time <_<;  also, Dancing with myself. Can we just say all of them?

and um... oh, this is me D:;;; if.. anyone was curious. (they're from march though D:  ... sorry if they look funky XD;)
here and here (not that it's important, but my lips were slightly chapped so if that line on the bottom, thats why >>;) this reminds me i need to take new ones >.>;

anyway, that's me nn; hiya guys

Edit: my typo before was so horrible haha thats what I get for humming songs in my head while writing.
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Is This Relavent?

They will be showing 'Les Yeux Sans Visage' on friday at 7/6c on TCM. If you all know this movie pretty much is the insparation for His wonderul song Eyes Without a Face. Course I could be wrong but Hey same name right?

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So now I'm putting up my first post. Way to go.
My name is Robert. A 21-year old (guess my gender youself) from Sweden. I started my Billy Idol craze when I had just turned 17 and started to like 80's music. One thing went to another, and soon I picked up the Greatest Hits CD. What a ride that was. Before Billy Idol, I had no musical-taste or clothes fashion or whatever. This has all made my life much greater. Not to mention the first time I saw him live (you can read about it in my journal 30th November)
My favorite song, I'll pick one from every album: Dancing with Myself, White Wedding, Rebel Yell, World's Forgotten Boy, Prodigal Blues, Shock to the System and Super Overdrive.

Introduction time!

Name: Sarah, but y'all can call me Ozy. I go by it more anyways. :D
Age: 20
Location: The fine state of Pennsylvania.
Why you love Billy Idol: Er. The growly voice, the sheer confidance, the voice, the sneer, the voice, the body, the voice, the leather, the voice, the persona...did I mention the voice yet? Ironically, he also reminds me of one of my novel-in-progress characters. Purely by coincidence.
Favorite Billy Song: Probably Mother Dawn or Concrete Kingdom, with To Be A Lover, Dancing with Myself or Evil Eye following. Or Prodigal Blues. Or...*the list goes on and on*

So anyways. Hello!
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new member intro....

Name: Miss Corduroy, better known as Mandy in the real world.....
Age: 24
Location: current dwelling is middle of nowhere Kentucky....
Why you love Billy Idol: I first fell in love with Billy as a baby....literally, I sang along with his songs from the time I could talk. He's gorgeous, sexxxy, talented, british, punk, and as I've heard told a very gentle and sensitive soul...what's not to love?
Favorite Billy Song: It's really hard to pick just one, but if held at gun point I'd have to go back to the one I first fell in love with as a baby, "White Wedding".

and if you really want to see a picture of me, you can check out my Myspace page, because I'm to damn tired right now to bother with uploading one to photobucket...there are plenty of them on Myspace. :-)

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I went to the Chicago show in July that was filmed for a live DVD... I haven't heard anything about the release of it yet. I don't know how long they normally take (I'd think a few months, a year at the longest?) but I haven't heard anything at all. Does anybody know anything about it?