mie_cpl (mie_cpl) wrote in _billyismyidol,

I love BIlly Idol.. I'm new... and here's a few anims!

Name: Marie
Age: 21
Location: Canada.
Why you love Billy Idol: The platinum hair, all those crosses even though he's the antichrist himself, the continual fist making (116 fists in Flesh for fantasy), the "im wearing garbage but it looks good on me" clothes, the mouth thing, the deepest voice ever, the most sexual lyrics, the most erotic videos (the floor humping in to be a lover, the crotch touching in Hot in the city, the shower in catch my fall, the nakedness in the water in adam in chains, the ass tapping in eyes without a face, the sweat sweat sweat in dancing with myself, not to mention the title of the song, which has NOTHING to do with dancing, the stranger in white lingerie in his bed in LA woman... I'm probably forgetting alot of good ones but thats a long enough bracket!) , the nicest abs at 52, the baby blue eyes, the crazy grin, the time he said "you can see from my body i've been having alot of sex" to Jimmy Kimmel, the time he sang "We must get laid" instead of "We have to pray.." (you just know.. search rockthology billy idol on youtube, you'll love it if you havent seen it), The time he put his hand up the stewardess' dress in the doors movie (deleted scene, lol), the way he touches his chorists live during to be a lover, the way he touches his keyboard player in mony mony, the "hey motherfucker, get laid get fucked", the "hot in the pussy..", the "forget to wear a rubber"..., that subtle middle finger in Sweet sixteen, the ONE leather glove with the holes on the knuckes and cut off fingers, and most of all the really good time I had at his show i saw the 8th of august! :D
Favorite Billy Song: hmm.. I have to say Flesh for Fantasy, but Eyes without a face is close behind, then all the others I love equally, and an honorable mention to Adam in chains that is on the album from him that I dislike the most Cyberphunk and yet I adore that song. :D

Just a few pics :P

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