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No time to search the world around, coz you know where I'll be found...

...When I come around ♥

Billie Joe Armstrong is God!
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This community was previously run by babyfood22. She has decided to step down as a MOD and gave the comm to us plaidstripdwall,kathysdamnsexy,perkyshadowgirlandticklemebillie!

Our wonderful layout is by lovely ticklemebillie :D

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Points What you need done
2 commenting on a post
5 for posting
10 for posting icons,banners,etc.
20 for posting layouts for people to use
25 for promoting on your journal posts
30 for promoting on your user info
50 if you get someone you know who likes green day to join

1.Only posts that have something to do with Green Day will be counted. If you want promoting to count, you have to promote _billie_joe in that community.
2.If you try to get points anywhere outside of _billie_joe (ie: promoting in your own LJ), please email ljcommbilliejoe@hotmail.com with the username (or community) of where you promoted us :) We like to check up on these things!
3.If it's been longer than a week, and you haven't seen your point score updated, send us a reminder at ljcommbilliejoe@hotmail.com. We'll do the best we can to keep on top of things.
4.If you encourage someone to join, and you want the points added to your total, the new member needs to send an email to ljcommbilliejoe@hotmail.com stating their username and what user recommended them.

200 points will get you an icon/picture of anything you like!
500 points will get you 2 free months!
1000 points will get you 6 free months!!!!

crazy_leasha 2 points
c8h7n3o2 10 points

About The MODS:

Name: Catherine
Age: 15
From: New Zealand
Likes: Music, Animals, Chocolate, Friends, Photography and Black Eyeliner
Dislikes: Bananas, People who diss Green Day, Pussy Music
Fave Band/s: Green Day is number 1
Myspace? Yep – www.myspace.com/kathysdamnsexy
MSN? Yes – kween_cath69@hotmail.com
Anything else? I hope you enjoy what this community has to offer

Name: Lauren
Age: 15
From: The Getto of Waltham haha MA
Likes: music,football,baseball,GREEN DAY,pepsi!,making money,and the little emotions on msn!
Dislikes: Fakes,people with to many rules, and of course the monkey
Fave Band/s: Green Day,Brand New,Less Than Jake,The Ataris,Taking Back Sunday,Hawthrone Heights and a lot more
Myspace? FUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!
MSN: YEY for little emotions! judgingamyfreak@aol.com
Anything Else: The world would be better if everyone just smilied

Name: Mandy (perkyshadowgirl)
Age: 17
From: Canada
Likes: Green Day, obviously :) i mean, who doesn't like Green Day? I'm also a huge fan of Pirates of the Caribbean (and NOT JUST because the second movie just came out like all those other people -_-")
Dislikes: People who follow the crowd just to fit in, hypocrits, people who can't listen, and people who don't know how to be a good friend. People in general annoy me, mostly.
Fave Band/s: Obviously Green Day :P but I can stand most pop, punk or rock bands/singers. My guilty pleasure is Nickelback (*blushes*)
Myspace: Same as my username, meaning the URL is http://www.myspace.com/perkyshadowgirl
MSN: perkyshadowgirl@hotmail.com (are you starting to see a trend ^-~) feel free to add me :) i love new friends!
Anything else: If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask :)

Name: Ashley (___boulevard)
Age: 14
From: New York
Likes: Green Day (duh), Ashlee Simpson, Rancid (good music in generaly), PSP 9, The Yankees, South Park, etc.
Dislikes: Fall Out Boy, breakfast, Paris Hilton, Nazis, foreigners who hate Bush, High School Musical, rap, Sluts, bugs, swimming, school, learning, waking up before 11am & more.
Fave Band/s: Green Day, Ashlee Simpson, Rancid, The Clash, Weezer, Lower Class Brats, The Distillers, The Donnas, The Casualties, NOFX & more.
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/tre_has_tuna
MSN: benjishott79@aol.com (I am NEVER on though, I go on AIM.)
Anything else: My AIM screen name is Tickle Me Billie if you need me. =)


Scroll images by bigoo.ws

By the way if anyone has any comments on how to make the community a better one just comment on any of the posts and if anyone wants me to add a favorite of theirs to the interests just let us know :D

bjs_wives | tellmeyourband

If you have a community or know someone who is a maintainer of a community having anything to do with Green Day, Billie, Mike, Tre, Adie or both the Jasons that you want to have afflicted with this community just let us know.

Here are some banners. Please promote!!

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Image hosting by Photobucket

Thank you :]