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cant wait to play the show with you boys wednesday november 24th.
i think everyone that sees this post should come.its going to be one good showdown.
even clint eastwood says so...
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Well...although there aren't many of you here, you should all check out The Burning Room (if you haven't already). And for those of you who don't know, The Burning Room consists of Dewey Halpaus (formerly of Anatomy Of A Ghost), John Wood and Travis Wisner (both formerly of The School Play).

They're currently in the process of filling in the rest of the band and then will be recording shortly. Join the livejournal here: theburningroom and join their myspace here: Myspace

Support your local music scene and support your friends (as they are to most of you).


so tonight was the cd release party. it was way cool. there were only 3 bands.. the school play, dead like dallas.. they were all good. and believing in june put on a great set like always. i bought the cd and im listenin to it and its amazing. it was totally worth the 10 dollars. for those of you who dont have it yet order it. they're not going to be in portland for a month because of touring. anyway the cd is great and they have new great shirts.

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this is a great community

hey im listening to rules of roulette!!

anyways..i just wanted to say....bij is amazing and i wish i could make it to more of the shows...but not enough time!! but yeah bij makes the portland music scene so much better...keep rockin the way you do!!

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look at what i've done for me

i created this livejournal because i really enjoy believing in june. they have inspired me in many ways and their music is just incredible. they just released a brand new song on Purevolume.com, so make sure and check that out. The new album is titled "Hope is a Sound" released in june. also go to the cd release show on June 24th at Davey Jones Locker.
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