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yaaaay, drew won!!!

i think it's a little ridiculous that the jury members get to talk to each other and voice their opinions because they can easily sway people to vote a certain way. i kind of got the feeling that the jury got together and decided on who they wanted to win. they then voted in such a way so that it was a tie, and that diane could vote for drew, and that nakomis could vote for cowboy without allowing him to win. it was very suspicious when will said that maybe his vote would be the tie breaker.

errr anyway, i bet we're going to see drew and his brother in ads. perhaps double mint gum? haha.

was i the only one gagging when cowboy was kissing his wife? =O
Chad Breathless

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Does anyone have any pictures of Drew from tonights episode? I cant seem to find any, and oh my he looked so good tonight lol :-D...Thank you to anyone who can help me!
Aaron Rowand

Video Wanted

I will be willing to pay up to $20 for tonights Big Brother 5 Finalie tape.. I came home from work and the VCR didnt tape it.. im sitting here in tears right now.. so if anyone is willing to send me there copy or if they made a extra one i would be soo happy if you did and if you need anything in the future i would be sooo happy to help you.. I just hope some one out there has a heart for this Big Brother fan like me..

thank you sooo much feel free to Email me at DrewDanielfan524@yahoo.com, Leave a message in my LJ,

Msn- Nathan_joshcountrygrl@hotmail.com

Thank you,
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