Frankie the long lost Charmed one (piperbm102927) wrote in _bigbrother5,
Frankie the long lost Charmed one

if the rumors that BIG BROTHER 6 will be an all star cast...who would you wanna see return??

my choices:

1.) Will: Season 2
2.) Jason: Season 3
3.) Roddy: Season 3
4.) Justin: Season 4-The X-Factor
5.) Nathan: Season 4-The X-Factor
6.) Drew: Season 5-Project DNA
7.) Jase: Season 5-Project DNA

1.) Amy: Season 3
2.) Lisa: Season 3
3.) Danielle: Season 3
4.) Dana: Season 4-The X-Factor
5.) Jun: Season 4-The X-Factor
6.) Either Adria or Natalie: Season 5-Project DNA
7.) Karen: Season 5-Project DNA
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