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Like many other community members, I'm going to leave the community for obvious reasons. I have very much enjoyed this season as well as participating in this community. It was great to read all the posts and comments of everyone else's opinions. It was also great to know I wasn't alone in my crazy addiction of tuning in (on CBS and on the live feeds) watching 14 strangers live in a crazy hamster cage for 3 months! :)

Before everyone posted about their Big Brother 6 communities, I created two - actually I created them once the problems of "spoilers" came into play. Had I known so many people were going to create communities, I wouldn't have, but it's too late now. At any rate, if anyone is interested - to cut out the problem of some people not lj-cutting the spoilers and live feeds I created bb6spoilers. Also, I created bb6 to discuss each episode and other news stories without fear of reading about something before watching it. Join if you like. If you have already joined a BB6 community, please ignore this. :) Hopefully with these two communities next season "To LJ-CUT or not to LJ-CUT" will NOT be the question!! ;)
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