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I can't believe its over. Its sad.... I have to wait another whole year to watch it again.
I knew Drew was gonna win. But i'm suprised that Cowboy got as many votes as he did, or from who he got them from. It was cool to see all the houseguests together again. I'm glad Holly and Jase are still together. And although i'm not fond of Diane, i hope that things work out for her Drew. Hopefully what they had was real and not just for the game.
I couldn't believe Marvins Questions for Drew and Cowboy. They were sooo low. I mean the one about Cowboy being racist. WoW. If i was cowboy when i saw him i would've went crazy. That was ridiculous.
I loved Karens face at everything. The different questions asked, the answers given, and when Mike said she was playing everyone. That was hilarious.

But Anywho.... I'm sad its over......
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