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Have you ever wanted to be a houseguest on Big Brother? Well, here's your chance! bigbrother_lj is an online version of the Big Brother reality TV show. I am currently accepting applications for our 5th season. Go here to fill the application out and send it to bb_lj_5@yahoo.com when you're finished.

If you have any questions, email me at bb_lj_5@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you! :)
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bigbrother_us created

No need to follow the changing community names from season to season, just join bigbrother_us to follow and discuss all future US seasons of Big Brother.

Like 'em/Hate 'em, this is the place for hamster houseguest watchers.

No different then any of the past communities.

No flames.
No spoilers, unless under a LJ-CUT and identified as such.

I'll be populating the bio and making a few other basic rules soon.

I moderate with a light hand, so *almost* anything goes, so long folks stay on topic and play nice.

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So I got an email notification from cbs.com about Big Brother starting. It says TUESDAY July 7th. Um....no....sorry...Tuesday is July 5th. So now I don't know if it starts Tuesday or Thursday!!!! UGH!

Big Brother Game

Hello Everyone,

I am starting a Big Brother on-line game and need contestants and a host.  You will need AOL/AIM to participate in this game. You can apply for the game and read about the game here: www.geocities.com/bigbrother3626 On the site I forgot to put that you need to send a picture of yourself with the application.  Also, where it says Why do you want to play this game? the question means why should i be picked out of the other contestants.  (I will add what I forgot to put in soon. So send that information.) I will let everyone know weather they got picked or not so you don't have to wonder so Good Luck!


ATTN: Community Moderator

Who is the moderator of this community? I don't know why I've bothered to keep this community on my friends list for so long since a new season of Big Brother will start in a few months, but all this spam is ridiculous. Is someone going around telling people that this is a good place to post community promos? Since LJ changed its abuse policy to ignore complaints from anyone other than community maintainers, this allows for a lot of spam abuse. The person who spammed here yesterday still hasn't had his/her journal suspended yet, even after spamming a lot of communities. I'm really surprised that the abuse team hasn't gotten a single complaint about the one from yesterday, unless they're just slow acting on it.
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if the rumors that BIG BROTHER 6 will be an all star cast...who would you wanna see return??

my choices:

1.) Will: Season 2
2.) Jason: Season 3
3.) Roddy: Season 3
4.) Justin: Season 4-The X-Factor
5.) Nathan: Season 4-The X-Factor
6.) Drew: Season 5-Project DNA
7.) Jase: Season 5-Project DNA

1.) Amy: Season 3
2.) Lisa: Season 3
3.) Danielle: Season 3
4.) Dana: Season 4-The X-Factor
5.) Jun: Season 4-The X-Factor
6.) Either Adria or Natalie: Season 5-Project DNA
7.) Karen: Season 5-Project DNA