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Um, there's a lot of stuff coming up in San Diego.

Summer in
the Park
Fabulous Ultratones Friday,
August 5
University Heights Community Development Corporation celerates the concert series with Summer in the Park concert series with the Fabulous Ultratones. Bring a picnic and enjoy the music! Trolley Barn Park on Adams Avenue. Concerts continue every Friday thru August 19.


Swing Dance Fundraiser Saturday,
August 6
7:00-11:00pm The Swing Dance Fundraiser will be held in the honor of Jacob Faust, a young man recently killed by police officers during a traffic stop. Bring your own poems for the open mic. The dance will be held at the Veterans Memorial Center, 2115 Park Boulevard in Balboa Park. Tickets are $15, with all proceeds going to the Jacob Faust Memorial Fund.


Improvisational Comedy Show by Mission Improvible Saturday,
August 6
8:00pm This show features a mix of traditional improv pieces and unique ones, including a gameshow host in therapy, a madrigal created from ad slogans, what happens when product placement comes to a kindergarten near you, and Borg Eye for the Earth Guy. The comfortably air-conditioned theater is at 1531 Tyler Avenue in Hillcrest Parking available. Admission is $10.

San Diego
Renaissance Faire Sunday,
August 7,
Day two as the Center for Creative History brings you the sights, sounds and tastes of the Renaissance! Experience the exotic spices, fine oils, hand-crafted jewelry, romantic clothing, incense and so much more! Morley Field in Balboa Park. Admission.

HQ Best Bet
Free Admission
to Balboa Park
August 16 What lucky duckies we are to have this fabulous park for our backyard! And as a bonus (on a rotating schedule) several museums have no admission every Tuesday. 1st: Railroad, Natural History and Fleet museums; 2nd: SD History and Photographic Arts museums; 3rd: Art Institute, Museum of Man, Friendship Garden, Mingei and the Museum of Art; 4th: Aerospace and the Auto museums, Hall of Champions and International Cottages. Thanks to ball bearings, the Timken Museum of Art is your gift — admission’s always free.


Viet Mai featured @ Chicano Perk
Open Mic
August 17
Viet is a poet who has developed a love for hip hop, the community, and working with education. He started writing poetry in 2000 and began performing at open mics and slams in 2001. (619) 338-0630. Chicano Perk - café y cultura, 129 25th Street.


2005 Summer
Film Series Thursday,
August 18
Romeo and Juliet (1968). The classic film of family feud and forbidden love in this Academy Award–winning adaptation of William Shakespeare’s timeless tale. Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet was unique in its day for casting actual teenagers as the leads. Behind the Casa del Prado courtyard, and seating is on the lawns in front of the Botanical Building. For the comfort and safety of our patrons, audience capacity will be limited to the first 1,000 people. For information, please call (619) 696-1966.

Student Art Exhibition Opening
August 19
6:30-8:30pm The Athenaeum’s School of the Arts Studio in University Heights will hold a two-week open house, during which the public can enjoy works created over the past year by the many talented students. Works on display will include drawings, painting, photographs, sculptures and flower arrangements by students from beginner to advanced. Some student works will be for sale. This is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the School of the Arts, and maybe catch the creative bug for those who have been considering taking a class. Monday thru Friday 10:00am til 2:00pm at School of the Arts Studio, 4441 Park Boulevard, University Heights.

Theresa F. @ Chicano Perk
Open Mic
August 24
8:00pm Theresa F. is an Afrikan born in Amerikkka evolutionary, poet-activist, mother of four. Freedom fighter, who uses "WordSound is Power" as her tool for positive social change. (619) 338-0630. Chicano Perk - café y cultura, 129 25th Street.

Skyrocket & Rhythm @ Chicano Perk Open Mic Wednesday,
August 31
Four young woman; Michelle Rene, SherriSky, Rhythm, and Monica a.k.a Lady Romeo set out to speak to the world about Love, Reality, and Life. (619) 338-0630. Chicano Perk - café y cultura, 129 25th Street.



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