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The Ladies of Harry Potter

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A community for fans of the ladies of Harry Potter. This community is open to any pairing involving any of the female characters of the Harry Potter series. Including but not limited to: Hermione Granger, Pansy Parkinson, Ginny Weasley, Narcissa Black Malfoy, Tonks, Bellatrix Lestrange, Luna Lovegood, Susan Bones, Lily Evans Potter, Molly Weasley, Lavendar Brown, Parvarti Patil, Padma Patil, Hannah Abbott, Millicent Bulstrode, Fleur Delacour, Cho Chang, Minerva McGonagall, Professor Trelawny, Professor Sprout, Madam Hooch, and any other female character from the books. The community will accept fic, art, and recs for gem, het, femslash, or threesomes. The only requirements is that one of the primary characters in the story/art is one of the women of Harry Potter. Crossovers, canon, fanon, anything goes as long as one of the women of Harry Potter is in the primary ship. The community is for fanfiction, fan art, icons, discussions, and other various things involving the the characters, ships, and even the actors who portay them. Please be aware that some content may be adult in nature. It may also include other fanon ships within the pairings that might include slash.

Community Rules

1. You must like at least one female character from Harry Potter.
2. Flaming will not be tolerated! There will be no flaming of any ships/characters! It is all right to have an opinion or a preference, but if you don't like a particular ship, don't read it! No flaming!
3. All fics must be rated appropriately and contain or a primary ship involving at least one female character of Harry Potter. Gen fic must be focused on the female character. All fics must clearly state the pairing or character and rating in the header. Again, flames will not be tolerated! Any ships or gen fic meeting the above guideline will be accepted! Subject Line: Title, Pairing/Character, Rating
5. Anything over 100 words, rated R/NC17, and art should be put beneath an LJ cut.
6. By joining this community, you acknowledge that you are aware that NC-17/adult content might be posted here. If you are a minor or if it is illegal for you to view such material in your area, please refrain from clicking on any links to adult content. _bewitched_ and its maintainers are not responsible for minors viewing such material.


Author's Note

Affiliates: hp_hetrecs, quiet_ones, blaise_hermione, darker_destiny, marcus_hermione, lucissa, and adrian_hermione.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact either of the MODs.

Maintainer/MOD: inell
Co-MOD: sionnain

Layout by ashleyfanfic

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