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Bittersweet Liaisons [Narcissa/Lily, NC-17] - Bewitched
The Ladies of Harry Potter
Bittersweet Liaisons [Narcissa/Lily, NC-17]
Title: Bittersweet Liaisons
Author: Megan B. Black
Pairing: Narcissa/Lily
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: Angst, smut, femmeslash, rimming
Genre: Dark, Romance
Summary: Narcissa has family duties to be fulfilled and Lily isn't too happy about them.
Word Count: 1,203
Author’s Note: For The Femmeslash Ficathon at sapphic_hp.

Bittersweet Liaisons [Narcissa/Lily, NC-17]

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