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_best_banners_'s Journal

More Than Just Friends Only Banners
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You must join in order to make a request. As always, this is a banners only community. We will not tolerate people who post our banners without permission and/or credit. Only listed artists are allowed to post freebies and fill requests. To apply go here and fill this out.

What We Do
Friends Only Banners
Community Promote/Accepted/Rejected Banners
User/Community Info Banners
Themed Banner Contests
LJ Stickers
(Limited) Icons

What We Don't Do
Icons (unless part of a theme or banner set)

By joining this community you agree to, abide by and are subject to the following rules.

1) Credit is REQUIRED regardless of which artist has filled your request.

2) All requests MUST be behind an LJ cut. I do not want drama started over someone's layout getting messed up because of a request. Any request not behind an LJ cut will be deleted immediately.

3) All requests must use the
request form. Any requests not using said form will be deleted & your request will not be filled.

4) Do not repost any banners from anywhere on _best_banners_. Anyone regardless of membership caught reposting banners will be banned immediately & reported. PERIOD!

5) If your request hasn't been filled, please wait at least one week before reposting your request.

6) Do not request for future use. Either use it now, or don't request at all.

7) All picture links must work. Do not expect the artist(s) to go on an "Easter egg hunt" for a certain picture.

8) Only listed artists may fill requests. If you would like to be considered for artistship, please fill out an application.

9) No drama.

10) Rudeness to any maker(s) will not be tolerated.

10) Do not claim someone else's banner as your own work.

11) Keep ALL entries friends only.

12) Only ACTIVE ARTISTS can promote (but please keep it behind a cut).

13) Artists will only redesign your request up to 2 times. If you are still not satisfied, you are welcome to request after one week from the date of the last comment.

14) Do not make more than 3 requests per week.

15) If you must make multiple requests keep them all in one post.

16) Do not make requests for your friends.

17) All requests MUST be in their own post.

made by celticdreamz

1) Stay active. Try to fill at least one request every two weeks.

2) If you are going to fill a request, either comment that you are "claiming" it, or use the LJ Tags & tag it with your username.

3) Do not assume that someone else will fill requests.

4) You are only expected to redesign a request twice. If the requester still isn't satisfied, they can repost a request in one week (starting from the date of the last comment).

5) You are expected to report any problems (stolen banners, drama, etc) in a post at _b_b_artists.

6) You are welcome to keep a loved/unlimited list at _b_b_artists.

7) All artists are encouraged to tag/sign their banners with their usernames.

Remember ALL requests must use this form.
Please keep the < b> and < lj-cut> tags.

_dont_love_me: refused to give credit for a banner.
wishin_it_away7: refused to give credit for a banner.
fallen_thursday: did not give credit for two banners.
xcalidreamerx: promoted a non-graphix community
easytargetxx: promoted a non-graphix community
una_dolce_vita: posted 13 of celticdreamz's banners without permission (otherwise known as stealing)
happy7in2hadez4: commenting multiple times in different posts with requests.
ohmythreads: continuing drama (i.e. taking drama to one of the artists' personal LJs).

The Mods

The Makers
showstoppin aka aperfect___lie

Layout & info graphics by celticdreamz

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