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request: header. [edited]

thanks :D
1) Banner type (FOB, Glitter, etc) Large header banner 625 x 425

2) Text
upper right: PRINSESA ♥

or it depends, on the artist  :)

3) Color(s) baby pink please ^_^

4) Font something pretty and girly ♥ i will also leave that to the artist's opinion

5) Pictures:
others (on the lower left, maybe.):

6) Example(s) something like this:
(there is a 'base image' and there are small pictures inside boxes, just like in the example :D border color: baby pink)

7) Link where banner will actually be used

8) Is this a repost of a previous request? yes

9) If yes, was it filled? By which maker? n/a

10) Other i will give credit properly of course :D thank you so much, i really appreciate this :)

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