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Request- Banner

1) Banner type (FOB, Glitter, etc) Other (memorial picture)
2) Text "Measure a life in love"
3) Color(s) Anything that looks good
4) Font See above
5) Picture This is the tricky part. This banner is in memory of my dog, who died last year. Problem is, I don't have a ton of good pictures of him because he died so young and I'm a crap photograher. This is probably the best one, but any of them from here are fine too. I also have this one of him and his brothers.
6) Example(s) I really don't want a blend, but I'm up for anything else- even just one picture with a border and some text on it. I do love the style of this one, which was made here last year.
7) Link where banner will actually be used defaultcrush
8) Is this a repost of a previous request? no
9) If yes, was it filled? By which maker? n/a
10) Other: Nothing much. I would really, really like it if this could be filled by the 17th, because that'll be the anniversary of his death and I wanted to make a post about it. Sorry for the short notice- I guess time just snuck up on me . :P
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