Can anybody who uses the tulip layout credit deadybearhippie for the image, please?

This message will be added onto the actual layout entry when I get hold of Nicki.

Also, you may have noticed that once again, the stream of new layouts being posted has dried up. The only thing I can say is sorry about that, and I'm starting on some more today. I have a new computer and the monitor is widescreen, so it's wreaking havoc with layout making. I'll be reposting the list of layouts that we haven't made as of yet, and we'll only be taking requests once we've finished those.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a happy new year :)

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so.. two problems I'm having that i'd really appreciate some help with....

the layout i have doesnt show the day, date, year, and time, it doesnt show on my page or friends page, I'd really like to have the date set up like that but can't seem to get the code to work...

Also, my journal looks completely messed up in firefox... any way to fix that?

ya so, I'd really really appreciate if anyone has a moment to help me out... thanks :)

help please

i would like to make my own layout, but i don't know where to begin. i've mastered MySpace layouts, but i'm like clueless here. is there any place with like layout making tutorials? or something similar? thanks!
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I am not too sure about whether or not you are taking requests right now, but I saw alot of other posts for requests and decided to follow the herd. Sorry if you are not.

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Thanks a lot for this.
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