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I just realized that though I joined this comm a WHILE ago... I never introduced myself... I'm Karen and I LURFFF YOHJIXOMIXYOHJI!!!!! okies... yah... The fic possibilities for this pairing are superb... I love it soooo!!! *gasp* I need to go find some fic-adge right now... *traipses off to oggle some fanfic*

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HopeForlorn moving

for all those who may be interested

(nothing in the rules against, delete if inappropriate)


Are you interested in a challenge?, a Weiss Kreuz Fan Site is running three contests during the winter months, and we need you to accept the challenge to participate.


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And the Holiday Fan Art ContestCollapse )


Winners will receive nifty banners for their websites and avatars for their LJ.  So come on, challenge yourself and make these contests a success!


Thank you! 




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dont die community!!

gimme 3cc's of fanart...STAT!

art: YohjixOmi
rating: Nc-17
worksafe: not unless everyone around you is blind
warnings: um none. omi has a tear in his eye but he's having fun. honest. lol
anything else: no background. sorry about that. I didnt want to ruin the picture by adding a background that would look bad. Im still learning PSP

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Hey there EVREYONE! i would really like to thank those of you who have joined (even if you didn't introduce yourselves..) i made this community exclusively to meet those who share the same interest in YOHJIXOMI. X3

please, update as much as you want. invite. make banners, icons etc. to help make this community grow, and to make it the biggest YOJHIXOMI community out there! :)

once again..
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well...this is a a refreshing surprise! Here i was beginning to think i was the only YohjixOmixYohji fan out there. HUZZAH! :;dances:: name is bunny...if anyone is interested in an AIM rp my screen name is julietnoitami. feel free to bug me anytime. ^__^ im online 3/4ths of every day anyways heh!
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Officially Infected!

Hi! I'm a new member to this community! I'm now an official YohjixOmixYohji fan! It all started with just a few fic readings which turned out into a new obsession. Actually I was into KenxOmi and NagixOmi before but now I just realized, no person would be better off to be paired to Bishonen other than Yotan! They're just so cute together! I'm really obsessed! I do hope I get to read more fics and share my fandom from others in this community! Thanks guys and I do hope we can all live up to this pairing!
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Band of Brothers (Winnix4)

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Hello everyone I just joined this journal. I hope this journal is still being viewed for I see people haven't updated in awhile. Well I made some icons on behalf of Omi and Youji. I am sorry i didn't add a link to it but I don't really know how to do that correctly yet. Though I promise I will learn. So I hope everyone enjoys these. And if you wish to us one of the icons as the journals icon I would be totally fine with that. I also hope to get some fanfiction up soon for these two. Please leave a comment if you wish.

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BWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I LOVE OMI AND YOHJI HAVING SEX!!!! I (^_-)*wink* heh heh..... DUN DUN DOO DI DUN!!! Yes there should be more people here it's lonely. Well g2g SEE YA!!!
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