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Attention current and future applicants!

To everyone who has submitted an application to _belong,

At this time, we have a very large number of applicants waiting to be voted on. I only allow three applications into the community to be voted on at any time. I will approve applications into the community in the order I receive them. Thank you so much for being patient with this. If you have concerns about your application, don't hesitate to e-mail me.

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Attention applicants,

If you have submitted (or plan on submitting) an application, but are concerned about why it hasn't reached the _belong community for voting, please be patient. We currently have a large number of applicants waiting to be sorted, but I only allow three applications to be voted on by the community at any one time. Applications will be admitted to the community in the order they are received.

Thanks so much for applying! I hope it's worth the wait for you

Headmistress Announcement!

Hooray! We have enough active people now for me to implement Points for Sorting. From now on, when I stamp someone, I will count each vote to stamp the person, and I will give 2 House points for each signed vote (You may still only vote one time per application). Unsigned votes before this post, will be counted for House points, but not after this post.

If you post a vote and forget to sign it or forget to put your vote in the subject line, just post a reply to your vote correcting the problem (or you can delete the original and repost it, up to you).

If you have any questions, let me know,