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find where you belong

a unique, tight-knit Harry Potter Sorting Community

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Welcome to _belong

Belong is an active Hogwarts sorting community. Basically, what that means is that you fill out an application and submit it, and we vote on which of the Hogwarts Houses you belong in.
The "active" part of it means that we want applicants who will be a part of our community. We don’t want people who will just apply then leave. We have plenty of activities to keep you busy, so there will be something you will like. Besides voting on applicants, we have Quidditch, classes, clubs, House Cup competitions and more to keep your attention.

Here at _belong, we do things a bit differently. Unlike other communities, we do not have a Headmaster/Headmistress. Instead, we are run by the Four Founders, in the spirit of the original Hogwarts. Each of the Founders represents a House. Under the Founders, we have the Heads of Houses, then the Head Boy and Head Girl, and then 2 prefects from each house.

If you would like to join our community, please make sure you read through all of the rules and understand them. Then, fill out an application.

If, after reading everything, you have any questions before becoming a member, about the application or the community as a whole, please e-mail the Promo Team at belongpromo@gmail.com. They can help with any technical difficulties, problems, or questions about affiliation. They will be more than happy to answer your questions! Melis of Ravenclaw, Karen of Ravenclaw, and Maggie of Slytherin are all very capable and willing to answer any and all of your questions, so don't hesitate if you have any problems! If you have a major issue with the application or the community, please contact one of the founders at the following email addresses:

Aubrey, Hufflepuff Founder - flavored_glass@yahoo.com
Kris, Gryffindor Founder - clen3k@gmail.com
Elise, Ravenclaw Founder - elise.ravenclaw@gmail.com
Petra, Slytherin Founder - snakecharmerpetra@gmail.com

We know this may seem like a lot to read, but please read it all.

Thank you, and good luck on you application!


How Things Work

Here at _belong, we are very active and very busy. Everyone must participate in at least one class. Students go to class, that simple. Each class is held once a week. We have all the classes taught at Hogwarts plus a few more. Students are awarded points for participation and doing their homework. These points will go for your house in the House Cup competition. So, once you are sorted, go to belong_lessons and find one, or three, that catch your eye!

Our House Cup competition runs the same way as it would at Hogwarts, except ours is awarded at the end of the month and not the year. There are tons of ways to win points for your House. We have competitions at belong_cup, classes, or just participating. Even voting on new applicants adds house points. At the end of the month, all the points are tallied, and the House with the most points wins the cup. That simple!

We also have a bunch of clubs if you want to participate in extra-curricular activites. We have the Book Club, Debate Club, Dueling Club and some more. Once sorted, you can head on over to belong_clubs and see all that there is to keep you busy!

There are also some people you are going to need to know while you are here at _belong. These people are here to answer any questions you have before and after you are sorted.

Four Founders
Gryffindor Kris
HufflepuffAubrey flavored_glass Ravenclaw Elise
Head of House
Hufflepuff Tabetha
Ravenclaw Angel phelpsession
Head Boy and Head Girl
Slytherin Stacy
Slytherin Kate
Gryffindor Sara
Slytherin none
Hufflepuff Kate


What We Have

Here at _belong, we have a whole host of sub communities where you can go and interact with other students.

First off, if you have any questions, belong_faqs might have your answers. There are answers to all sorts of questions, so check it out if you feel unsure about anything.

When you get sorted, you will be able to go to your common room to talk to your classmates.
The Gryffindor Common room: belong_gryffs
The Hufflepuff Common room: belong_puffs
The Ravenclaw Common room: belong_ravens
The Slytherin Common room: belong_slyths

Now, of course, you are going to want to talk to all the students, and not just the ones in your house. All you have to do is go to belong_thehall and post a comment for everyone to read.

When it is time to go to class, you just have to walk over to belong_lessons and learn all about the Wizarding World. Then, when you are done with class and you want to kick back and have some fun, head over to belong_clubs. But, the real fun is over at the Quidditch Pitch, belong_games.

If you want to know how your House is doing compared to the others, belong_cup is the place to find out. Here, you can also participate in the competitions and earn more points for your house.

But, if you would rather spend a quiet evening reading instead of playing games, there's always belong_library. The library is full of fanfiction, essays, and other pieces written by members. You are always allowed to submit your own works as well. And, for the older readers, there is the more adventurous belong_locked.

Here at _belong, we also have the shops of Hogsmeade. At belong_shops you can request graphics from our members. They can help you create cool icons and siggys too. You can always go there and show off your graphic talents as well.

Once you become a member, head over to belong_birthday. Tell us when your birthday is, and we'll make sure that you get something for the celebration! We all love a reason to celebrate.

Do you want to discuss the latest news on Harry Potter? Since it is the inspiration for all this, we have belong_diagon devoted to discussing the books, movies, and gossip. But, be warned of spoilers! All things Harry Potter that do not directly relate to _Belong, should be posted there.

If you are worried about how to sort people and would like some practice, you might want to check out belong_quality. Here, we have applications filled out by current members. You can go there, read the applications, sort the members, and see how others have sorted them.

When it's time for a quick vacation, there's belong_hiatus where you can drop off a note and tell us you will be gone, so we don't think you dropped out of school.

And, if you ever have suggestions for the community, just post something at belong_forum where we will all discuss issues and new suggestions.



We have some very simple rules, and we expect all of our members to comply with them. By applying, you are acknowledging that you have read our rules and are willing to follow them.

1. Be Respectful to Everyone. This rule seems pretty obvious, but it is very important! We do not tolerate any rude remarks towards particular houses or to a person. We are a very open-minded and accepting community, and we will not allow people to speak ill of other members. We will discuss topics, but they must be done in a calm, respectful manner. You are welcome to state your opinion, but do not do it in a manner that demeans another’s opinions.

2. Be Active. This has been mentioned before, but it is a must. Please do not just apply to see where you will be sorted and then not come back. We want people to be a part of our family!

3. You must be 13. This is a LiveJournal rule. So, you must be 13. No exceptions.

4. Use Proper Grammar. This rule is a must! We will not read an application that is full of Netspeak. dOaN tYp3 lYk3 +HiS omglolwtfbbq. We are all not native English speakers or Netspeak fluent, so you must use proper grammar so that everyone can understand what you are saying without spending 15 minutes trying to decode your sentences.

5. Keep an Open Mind on Your House. Most of us here were sorted into houses that we did not think we should be in. Yet, everyone here will tell you that they love their House and would not switch to any other. So, believe that we know what we are doing when we sort you. To ensure you have read the rules, please include "I like to sing in the shower" in question 24. You can put more, just make sure that sentence is in there. Also, your subject line text should be your favorite fandom outside of Harry Potter.

6. You Can’t Vote On Sorting Until You’ve Been Stamped. You cannot participate in the voting or any other part of the community until you have a House. You must officially be a student to participate in school activities, makes sense right?

7. Do Not Edit Application. Once you have submitted your application, you can not go back and edit it. So, make sure it is exactly what you want it to be before you submit your application.


Application and Tips for Applying

Our Helpful Tips for Applying to _belong.

1. Be yourself! We want to know the real you. Based on the answers that you give on your application, we as a community will be placing you into a house. This is perhaps the most important point. Do not fake it. Be honest. We want to know the real you, not what you think we want to hear.

2. Read the rules on the user info page thoroughly before you even consider applying to the community. Make sure you understand them before applying and, more importantly, make sure you are willing to abide by them. If you don’t understand something in the rules or are confused for whatever reason (hey, it happens) feel free to email the Founders. They are here to answer your questions, so don’t be afraid to ask.

3. This cannot be stressed enough but elaborate when answering the questions in the application. There is no such thing as rambling on when it comes to this, and the more you say, the easier it is for others to properly place you in the correct house. Yes, it takes a good deal of time, effort, and thought to complete the application properly, but if you don’t have the time or patience to sit through it, then you probably don’t have the commitment necessary to be a functioning member of the community. We love reasons here.

4. Take your time. You don’t have to sit down and fill the application out in one quick go. Save it into a Word document so, if it’s easier for you, you can go back and carefully fill in your answers. We want to get a complete picture of who you are, not just a few sentences that you type up during commercials.

5. Use proper spelling and grammar. Netspeak is an outright NO and that cannot be stressed enough. To be honest, reading an entire application post in netspeak gives each and every member of the community a massive headache.

6. Do not push for a house. As this is a Harry Potter based community, everyone who applies is going to have their own pre-conceived notions of which house is right for them, or which one they’d like to be placed into. Forget that. Be honest in your answers. Should you be caught pushing for a certain house, your application will be rejected and you’ll have to re-apply. We’re good. We can smell someone who’s pushing for *insert house here* a mile away. So don’t even try it. We want to sort you, not who you’re pretending to be.

7. Do not contradict yourself. Answer carefully and even read over your finished application before submitting it to the community. Contradicting yourself when answering questions will make it difficult, if not impossible for voters to sort you. This is also a sign of a sloppy and hastily completed application and it will be rejected. It is also a sure way to show that you are “faking” some of your answers. Stay true to yourself and you should not have this problem.

8. Do not judge or insult others in your answers. Slytherins are not all evil; Hufflepuffs are not all idiots; Ravenclaws do not just read books; and Gryffindors do not all find themselves morally superior to others. You may laugh but things like these have been said in applications. All of the Hogwarts houses are more than one-dimensional and the same goes for the people within them. We do want to hear what you think but we also want you to respect others in your answers. Insulting anyone will not be tolerated.

9. Do not attack others in the comments section. You have the ability to comment under your application post and, of course, to reply to the comments of the voters. However, this is not necessary and it should not be used to argue with the decisions and votes of the other members of the community. If you feel the voters have misunderstood you through your answers then perhaps you need to go back and look over your application.

10. By all means, do not alter, delete or change your application once it has been posted! Yes, we know that this seems like something of common sense, but there have been a few people that have been banned for altering or deleting their application before they had been stamped. If the members aren't getting a vibe from you and you feel like you would like to re-submit your application, wait until you are stamped to re-submit or change your application. You don't want to be expelled before we get a chance to see how fabulous you are, do you?

11. It is helpful to post you application in your own journal as a private entry. This way, you can make sure that the lj-cut and text mark-ups are working correctly.

12. Last but not least: don’t be afraid to have fun! Let your personality shine through in your answers. Have fun with the application because it’s no fun to read an application where the person is clearly bored. We know there are a lot of rules, and it seems like a lot, but don’t get bogged down by it! Have fun with your application so we can learn all about who you really are. Since we like to have fun, make "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" you lj-cut title.


So, copy and paste everything below and fill out the application!







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Find where you _belong
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_belong is a Harry Potter Sorting Community on Livejournal! You will have the opportunity to fill out an application and then be sorted into one of the four houses of Hogwarts (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff). Once sorted, you can start participating in the many activities that belong has to offer! We have Classes, Competitions, Clubs, Places to write and share fanfics and graphics, and we will soon be starting Quidditch! So, come on over to _belong and fill out the application! Find where you _belong

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_belong is a Harry Potter Sorting Community on Livejournal! You will have the opportunity to fill out an application and then be sorted into one of the four houses of Hogwarts (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff). Once sorted, you can start participating in the many activities that belong has to offer! We have Classes, Competitions, Clubs, Places to write and share fanfics and graphics, and we will soon be starting Quidditch! So, come on over to _belong and fill out the application! Find where you _belong

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Hop aboard the Hogwarts Express and find where you _belong!

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_belong is a Harry Potter Sorting Community on Livejournal! You will have the opportunity to fill out an application and then be sorted into one of the four houses of Hogwarts (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff). Once sorted, you can start participating in the many activities that belong has to offer! We have Classes, Competitions, Clubs, Places to write and share fanfics and graphics, we will soon be starting Quidditch...and yes, we have the Weasley Twins! :) So, come on over to _belong and fill out the application! Find where you _belong

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