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1. Name: Kt

2. Age: 15

3. Gender: Female.

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4. What are your hobbies/interests outside of HP? How do you feel these hobbies/interests contribute to your personality?

I play guitar and piano and I am in a band. I love art. Painting, drawing, sculpting, everything! I also adore Doctor Who and Australian comedy. I feel that these hobbies contribute to my personality in many ways. By playing guitar and piano, I feel it shows that I am willing to learn how to do what I like, but also that I don't give up easily and that I'm not distracted by small things. By being interested in art, I feel that shows that I am ambitious and am creative in some ways. This creativity also shows through in my music. By watching Doctor Who and liking comedy, I feel that this shows that I can be a little weird, a little wacky, but still get through life with a sense of humour.

5. Which Harry Potter character do you feel you can relate to the most? Explain. Which character is your favorite? Again, explain.

I feel I can relate the most to is Luna. I'm eccentric, I'm 'loony', and some might say I have "an uncomfortable way of speaking the truth". I also stick to what I believe in, no matter how outrageous it may seem to others, but if it's what I believe in, then it's what I believe in. The character, or in my case, characters, that are my favourite, are none other than Fred and George Weasley! They are my favourite because they are hilarious, are willing to get in trouble just to have a good time and they are loyal to their friends. I also love how they were willing to leave school a year early just to pursue their dreams, which is something I admire.

6. Give us the reasons for and against you being sorted into each of the houses.
a. Gryffindor
For: I'm brave, passionate and enthusiastic, and I will NEVER let my friends down.
Against. I don't particularly have a strong code of ethics and I don't always understand what the values of the actions I take are.

b. Hufflepuff
For: I'm hardworking, have excellent morals and also extremely loyal to those I call friends.
Against: I am not always compassionate and caring to others and in some cases I am not accepting to other people.

c. Ravenclaw
For: I love reading and I am quite analytical. I can also be found lost within my own thoughts every now and again. I observe nearly everything around me, analysing it all.
Against: I may seek TOO much to learn more, I hardly ever show a deep thought process, merely thinking over the basic details quickly.

d. Slytherin
For: I'm cunning and ambitious. I am also greedy. I am also a goal seeker and in some cases I'm extremely jealous of others.
Against: I am against evil, and I may want to get ahead in life, sometimes at other peoples expense, but I will not use evil to do so.

7. What was your least favorite moment in HP?

That would definitely have to be when Sirius died. It was left so uncertain whether or not he was still alive, and that annoyed me. It was one of the saddest moments out of the entire series of books and I must say I was left in utter shock. From the moment Bellatrix uttered the spell, right up to the final word of the book, I was shocked. I knew that someone was going to die by the end of the book, but the way that was written, it was just horrible.

8. What about HP appeals to you (e.g. the romance, the adventure, the friendships, the fantasy, the mystery)?

That would most definitely have to be the humour! I just love how it pops up even in some serious moments and the anvil sized hints about Ron & Hermione, it's just hilarious! So I guess the romance also appeals to me, and I can't deny that the fantasy side to it all had me intrigued from the moment I opened the Philosopher’s Stone. Every time I read one of the books, I'm always thinking, "I wonder what it's like to be able to do magic? To go to school at Hogwarts?". It's just all surreal and amazing.

9. What would you do if your friend was in danger? What would you give up in order to save them? Would you lay your life on the line?

If a friend was in danger, I would no doubt help them. Friends are your lifeline, they are what keep you going when times get tough, a good friend is always there to help you when you need help and without a friend there to support you through troubled times, they are going to seem more troubled than they already are. If one of my great friends was in immediate danger I would give up everything to help them, even if it meant I got killed myself. Friends are one of the most important things in my life and if one of them was in danger, I would be there in a heartbeat.

10. Given a choice between fame and money, which would you choose?

Most definitely the money. I couldn't stand being famous, as I am a private person who hates being in the spotlight. Even if I was to choose fame over money, I would want it to be for something great, like creating a cure for cancer or inventing something that changed the world. I would much rather the money, because no matter how famous you are, people are always going to judge you for what you have done, and being judged in life is one thing I cannot stand.

11 If you could only store one memory in the Pensieve to visit over again, which one would it be? Why?

This is hard... but I would have to choose when I was a child, before schooling. My brother and sister were younger, we had awesome amounts of time and it was just pure bliss. It was probably one of the best moments in my entire life, and I would most definitely love to visit it again. But seeing as that is a span of four and a half years and could take a bit of time to re-visit, I would choose the Bloc Party concert I attended last year. Seeing as they are one of my most favourite bands and I enjoyed the concert with close friends and it was the best hour and a half of last year.

12. What excites you the most in life? Where do you get the most joy and fulfilment?

Music and art. Definitely those two. If there's one thing that picks me up when I'm down, it's music. When I can't clear my head I grab a pencil and draw to soothe my mind. When these two things fail me, which is extremely rare, I get the most enjoyment in life from my friends. They're always there, laughing, cracking jokes, and just being crazy and fun.

13. If you were in Harry's position during the "Snape's Worst Memory" incident, how would you view Peter, James, Sirius, Lily, Remus, and Snape differently? Why?

I would see Peter with a new hatred, seeing how 'obsessed' he was with the other Marauders and then what he did to them later on. I would see Lily as the brave, compassionate, caring mother that I never knew, but I would see James a little differently. Knowing that this was my father, and what he was like. Sure, I knew what he was like in school, but I had never seen it before. I'd be shocked <i>and</i> stunned. The same would more than likely go for Sirius as well. I had a pretty basic idea about what he was like in school, but I never witnessed it. I would act differently towards Snape as well. He had resentment for me, from the painful things my father had done to him, so maybe I should have a little less resentment for him as well.

14. Imagine you were an eleven-year-old Muggleborn witch/wizard who did not know about magic and had just received your Hogwarts letter. How would you react to leaving home and going to a magic school?

I would be extremely excited and happy. I would miss my parents, definitely, but I reckon that as soon as I arrived at Hogwarts and started to meet other people like myself I would soon be glad to be part of this world. But I believe that when I found out about all the 'pure-blood's are superior, muggleborns are filth' stuff, I'd be saddened that such pretentiousness was going on in a world which seemed perfect. But I feel that I would have friends who would stand up for me and protect me against the pure-bloods that think muggleborns are filth.

15. If you had access to a time turner and there were no regulations regarding its usage, what would you use it for and why?

I would definitely go back and change things I have done in the past. I have lost friends because of petty things I have done to non-intentionally hurt people. If I could go back, I would most definitely make myself think before utilising my actions. It would save myself and other people a lot of hurt.

16. In the Philosopher’s Stone (AKA Sorcerer’s Stone) Neville had a choice: he could let his friends go out at night when they weren’t supposed to and potentially they could lose points for his house, or he could confront them and stop them from breaking the rules. What would you have done in his situation?

If I was Mr. Neville Longbottom, I would unequivocally stepped in to let my friends know that what they were doing was wrong. Even if I lost me my friendship, I would still probably do it. As I mentioned before in question 9, if a friend were in danger, I'd be there in a second to help them.

17. Who (dead, alive, or fictional) do you most admire? This can be someone from real life or from Harry Potter.

Oh that's hard, because I admire so many different people, both in and out of Harry Potter! I admire so many musicians, so many artists, so many actors, it's just so hard to choose. But if I had to choose someone from Harry Potter whom I admire, it would have to most definitely be Fred and George Weasely. Aforementioned in question 5, I admire them because they were willing to give up there education to pursue their dreams. I admire this because nothing should stop you from pursuing your dream(s), no matter what it is. Whether it's school, family, friends, whatever, just get out there and make your dream a reality.

18. What is your favorite book outside of Harry Potter? What is it about this book that endears it to you?

Nancy Drew. I know that may sound totally tacky and kitsch, but I just love the mystery. Sure Nancy might be a spoilt girl who gets everything she wants, a new convertible every year, the best looking man in town, she has connections with every police department in America and heck, she can even fly a plane! But I adore the mystery, how there are so many twists and turns, you don't know where you're going to end up next, who the thieves are and just how it is all solved by the end of the book. It is also an insight into how teenage girls acted back in the 1950's, which is something that interests me.

19. You're sitting the final examination for a class that has given you a lot of trouble. Your grade is borderline, you really need to do well on this final to get an A. You can see the paper of your friend who sits next to you and who happens to excel in this subject. You've gotten to a question that you're stuck on. Do you glance at your friend's paper to figure out the answer or not? Why?

No, I wouldn't do that. If I the class was giving me a lot of trouble, I wouldn't like it. So therefore I wouldn't care what grades I got, even if it brought down my entire mark for the year, I still wouldn't care. If it is a class that doesn't interest me, there is no point in trying.

20. In Goblet of Fire, Harry was chosen for the Tri-Wizard Tournament even with the age-line. Ron was unable to enter because of the age restriction even though he really wanted to be a part of the Tournament. Was Ron right to be jealous/angry at Harry? Were Harry's reactions appropriate? Why?

Ron shouldn't have been jealous of Harry, because he knew that Harry and he were best mates, and there's a lot of trust in their friendship. He knew that Harry would of told him if he had put his name into the Goblet, but Ron was jealous. He wanted all the glory that Harry got, but didn't want. Harry's reactions were probably wrong, because he knew Ron was only jealous and he shouldn't have gotten angry at him.

21. Which class would you look forward to the most at Hogwarts? Which classes do you/did you excel in most at school?

That would probably be Transfiguration. I love to change things, whether it be myself, my clothing, my room, my hair, anything. If it can be changed into something totally different, then I'm there! I excel the most in English, history and art at school, so maybe my possible favourite subject at Hogwarts should be History of Magic? But who would enjoy that?!

22. What would be the first place you visit during a Hogsmeade weekend? Why?

The Three Broomsticks! I just want to feel the taste of Butterbeer sliding down my throat, warming every corner of me. Ever since I first read about Butterbeer, I've always wanted to try some!

23. In the wizarding world, all 5th year students are required to pick a career to focus on going into their 6th and 7th years at Hogwarts. What career path would you choose? Why?

Auror. I know that sounds cliché, but it just fascinates me. Just the detective element of it, sneaking around, going after leads on dark wizards, it just sounds like the perfect job and I wish it was real so I could seek a career out of it in real life!

24. In the Wizarding world, some pure-blood wizards consider Muggle-borns "filthy" and "horrible." In our world, people are categorized by their wealth, racial background, and appearance. What are your opinions on Muggle-borns? What are the qualities that you value in others?

If muggle-borns are worthy enough to be born witches or wizards, than they should be worthy to live in the wizarding world without discrimination. I seek nice, funny people. People who can put up with me for more than five minutes, have qualities I value.

25. You have stumbled across five magical wells. One is the Well of Common Sense and Logic, the second is the Well of Creativity, the third is the Well of Optimism, the fourth is the Well of Physical Strength, and the fifth is the Well of Beauty. You can only drink from one well, but once you do you will be endowed with that ability for the rest of your life. Which well do you think you would definitely not need, and which do you think you would want to drink from?

The well I would never need to use is probably the Well of Creativity. I've been brought up with creativity all around me. My mother's an artist and my father's a musician. I would probably most likely drink from the Well of Beauty because although people say I'm pretty, I can't see it myself and I would like to see what changes.

26. In Half-Blood Prince, we witnessed Harry force-feeding Dumbledore the potion that weakened him, even though it pained Harry to do so, because he promised Dumbledore he would do whatever he wished. If you were in Harry's position, would you have stopped feeding Dumbledore the potion, or would you have continued? Do you think it was right for Harry to do as Dumbledore wished? Explain.

No, I would not have stopped. Because I would trust Dumbledore, and whatever he told me to do, I would do. Harry showed incredible personal strength by continuing to force Dumbledore to drink the potion, because even if he didn't know what was happening, he knew that Dumbledore did, and he also knew that whatever Dumbledore told him to do was usually the right way about things.

27. Anything else you want to tell us before we sort you? Also, please tell us where you heard about this community. (Members who refer new applicants receive points, so please try to be as specific as possible.)
Yeah. I like to sing in the shower and tell me if anything confused you, because it is late XD I heard about this community from <lj user="usrweirdos"> </lj-cut>

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