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1. Name: Kristin

2. Age: 19 (almost 20)

3. Gender: Female

4. What are your hobbies/interests outside of HP? How do you feel these hobbies/interests contribute to your personality?
I’d have to say reading, the theater (both acting and watching), music and the outdoors in general. I seem very girly on the surface, but my favorite moments are spent outside. I grew up on a small farm out in the boonies, so my sisters and I often had to make up our own fun playing in the woods and fields. We made up our own languages and names constantly, and I have a very vivid imagination. I haven’t done theater in about a year – at my current college, if you’re not in the acting conservatory you’re a bit shafted – but I’ve done everything from the Vagina Monologues to Little Women. I find a great release for troubled emotions and such on the stage (as pretentious as that sounds, it is true)

I think having an active imagination and the theater go hand in hand, and as a middle child I’ve always wanted to be in the spotlight. I have an interesting double edged personality – on one hand, I can be very loud and a bit obnoxious (my friends and I are those people at the movies who you don’t want to sit anywhere near because we constantly talk about the movie and usually laugh when no one else does) but on the other hand I’m happiest when curled up with a good book and orange pekoe tea with tons of sugar or with one or two friends in a quiet coffee shop discussing everything from sex to politics to foreign films. It’s difficult to balance the two, especially because I feel I’m much more introspective and quieter than most people would initially take me for. I think my dream day would be sitting outside in the sun with a little breeze, Pepsi (I’m hopelessly addicted), and a good book (something by Margaret Atwood or Julia Alvarez, usually). I also love biking around my neighborhood and doing laundry – domestic chores calm me down and help me focus. I’m also a huge shopaholic, although I’ve gotten much better about spending money. Nowadays I frequent the Salvation Army and dollar stores, but H&M will always hold a special place in my heart.

I like sports – I’ve done everything from swimming to soccer to track to field hockey to softball – but usually only for a year or so. I like being active and I like the feeling of being on a team, but I get bored easily and I’m not excellent at any one sport. I’m good, but not great. And I hate feeling mediocre. I also like going out to clubs and dancing on the weekends to go a bit crazy to let off steam from working or school. I volunteer at the on campus vegan/vegetarian/organic café and give blood whenever I can. I believe a lot in karma, and the Golden Rule.

I’d have to say the hobby that has had biggest influence on my personality would be vinyl records. I just got into collecting, and it’s really filled a hole in my heart I didn’t know I had. I always hated CD’s – so impersonal and easily damaged, and looked back fondly on the days of cassettes and mix tapes. But I’m working on amassing my favorites (working on a very limited budget) and it’s amazingly fun. I could wile away hours at a record bin.

5. Which Harry Potter character do you feel you can relate to the most? Explain. Which
character is your favorite? Again, explain.

Would it be totally cliché to say Hermione? I am such a huge bookworm and I truly love school, and I was quite awkward when I was a bit younger and had unruly hair. I also had a high school romance with my best friend. I’m quite a geek – I love useless trivia, am a Jeopardy junkie, and in high school was on the Masterminds team, which was like Jeopardy without the “who is” and “what is” crap. I took the team to playoffs when I was a captain in my senior year! But I’m not Hermione in that I am a huge procrastinator and have difficulty concentrating in class if my friends are in the same class with me. My Spanish teacher in high school called me “Marisia la boca” which means “Marisia the mouth”. I couldn’t help it – my three best friends were sitting right next to me!

My favorite character would probably be Lily Potter. Although we haven’t learned as much about her as I would like (yet!) I find myself wanting to know more about the woman who sacrificed herself for her son and who stood up for people, even when they called her names. I don’t think I’m bighearted enough to do that. I think she’s my role model, actually. She reminds me a bit of Eowyn from Lord of the Rings, who is probably my all time favorite female fiction character.

6. Give us the reasons for and against you being sorted into each of the houses.

a. Gryffindor

For: I’m extremely headstrong and opinionated – my mother likes to say I argue just for the sake of arguing, which I think Gryffindors might do on occasion. I’m very clear about what I have to do when I have to do it, which Harry has in spades.
Against. I’m not brave. At all. I hear a creaky shutter and I automatically think “psychopathic serial rapist is outside ready and waiting with a serrated knife and deep Freudian issues”. Seriously. I’m also not a good chess player – the scene beneath the trapdoor in “The Sorcerer’s Stone” with Ron playing the giant chess game has always stuck in my mind as being the true representation of a Gryffindor and I don’t think I would be able to pull that off.

b. Hufflepuff

For: I’m insanely loyal, to a fault. I would defend my friends to the death, even if I knew they were wrong. I think loyalty is one of the most important traits in a friend, and my friends often think that I go overboard a bit. I can’t help it, I’m just a loyal (and bit overprotective) person.
Against: I’m a lazy procrastinator. I don’t apply myself at all, which sounds like something a teacher would say (and many have). I’m very capable of pounding out a B+ paper with little effort, and with time and dedication I could have a 4.0. But I just don’t have that. I’m not sure why, but Hufflepuffs work constantly to improve themselves…which I don’t at all.

c. Ravenclaw

For: I’m a brain. And quite a bit more introspective than I first appear. I greatly value “me” time and love escaping into books. I love studying by myself (I hate group homework and studying) and I take pride in my schoolwork, even though I don’t always apply myself.
Against: As much of a nerd as I am, I also love going out with large groups and being loud and obnoxious at times. I like to let off steam, and spending too much time in the library drives me bonkers.

d. Slytherin

For: I’m extremely manipulative and sneaky. To the point that you would not believe what I’ve gotten away with. Example: the very first time my younger sister snuck out, she got caught. I snuck a boy into my bedroom nightly for an entire summer and no one ever suspected – my parents had him over for dinner and commented on what a nice guy he was! I’m skilled at lying to get what I want, and know exactly how to go about getting what I want. I can measure a situation carefully and precisely and know what steps to take to achieve my goals. I also love dry humor and wit, which I think is plentiful in Slytherin. I’ve used bribery and extortion and blackmail, and feel no shame whatsoever. I know what I want, and I don’t see any harm in employing so called “dirty” tactics to get what I want.
Against: I would never use any of the aforementioned sneaky tactics to harm a friend, and I think a Slytherin would to achieve a personal goal. Also, I value loyalty – which I don’t see too much in Slytherins.

7. What was your least favorite moment in HP? All of “Chamber of Secrets”, or the movies. I absolutely cannot stand “Chamber”. And the movies - don’t even get me started. But a specific moment would probably be when Harry breaks up with Ginny at the end of HBP. Cliché and trite and obvious, I thought it was a poor choice on the part of Rowling (although she may have a trick or two up her sleeve in Book 7) and if Harry is okay with letting his best friends go along for the ride, he should be okay with Ginny helping. Okay, he’s not “okay” but he protests a bit and then gives in. I like Ginny (even though in “Chamber” she annoyed me at first, but over the books she’s grown on me greatly) and I think she has a lot to offer to any area, whether it be romantically or fighting off Death Eaters. That bat bogey hex of hers could come in useful!

8. What about HP appeals to you (e.g. the romance, the adventure, the friendships, the
fantasy, the mystery)?
The friendships (although the romance is a big part of it, later on). A lot of young adult novels concentrate too much on the protagonist and only use the other characters as a cliché plot device, but I think HP does a wonderful job of exploring the intricacies of young friendship and problems young people have.

9. What would you do if your friend was in danger? What would you give up in order to
save them? Would you lay your life on the line?
For my three best friends, I would absolutely kill or die for them. I would give up anything in the world to ensure their safety. I know that as I know my own middle name. It’s just something I’ve always known.

10. Given a choice between fame and money, which would you choose? Money! I’m a broke college kid, and you could always become famous for doing absolutely nothing with your money like Paris Hilton. I used to want to be famous, but now I’m not so sure. They can’t even go for a cup of coffee without getting stalked! And poor Harry, with that wretch Rita Skeeter and constant rumors and gossip.

11 If you could only store one memory in the Pensieve to visit over again, which one
would it be? Why?
Hard question! Probably a very recent one – my best friend and I spent the perfect day together. We went down to the local lake and talked about everything under the sun, then went to a local restaurant for an amazing dessert and then jaunted off to the local playground to continue our talking about everything. Every time I talk to him, I come away with a new perspective and great memories and when I’m 80 I can look back on this memory as the epitome of a young summer.

12. What excites you the most in life? Where do you get the most joy and
Reading – I’m a huge bibliophile. I love libraries, books, and all things related to reading. It’s how I escape whatever feelings I’m dealing with, how I relax, how I learn new things…I think heaven would be a huge library.

13. If you were in Harry's position during the "Snape's Worst Memory" incident, how
would you view Peter, James, Sirius, Lily, Remus, and Snape differently? Why?
I don’t think it would change my opinion very much at all – I always thought the four boys took their tricks a bit too far and that Lily reacted well. Snape…I can’t make up my mind whether or not I love him or hate him.

14. Imagine you were an eleven-year-old Muggleborn witch/wizard who did not know about
magic and had just received your Hogwarts letter. How would you react to leaving home and
going to a magic school?
I would react a bit like Tom Riddle did in HBP – I knew I was different! I knew I was special! Hahahaha. I always asked my Mom if I could go to boarding school or even a nunnery (seriously) to escape my small town.

15. If you had access to a time turner and there were no regulations regarding its
usage, what would you use it for and why?
I would go back in time and hang out with the Beatles – the good years, not the Yoko Ono/testosterone war between John and Paul years. Or I would go back to the 1920’s and get kickass flapper outfits.

16. In the Philosopher’s Stone (AKA Sorcerer’s Stone) Neville had a choice: he could
let his friends go out at night when they weren’t supposed to and potentially they could
lose points for his house, or he could confront them and stop them from breaking the rules.
What would you have done in his situation?
I would have gone with them. It’s not very Neville-like on the surface, but can’t you see him panicked and running alongside them, trying not to get caught? I don’t pity Neville (I despise pity) but you can’t help empathizing with the guy.

17. Who (dead, alive, or fictional) do you most admire? This can be someone from real
life or from Harry Potter.
Lily Potter (is it cheating if I already said she was my favorite?) I admire her heart, her courage, and she must have been a whiz at Potions (which I would bomb). She’s just so loving and kind, but not sappy or corny. She’s got backbone.

18. What is your favorite book outside of Harry Potter? What is it about this book that
endears it to you?
Anything by Margaret Atwood, but specifically “The Blind Assassin”. The characters are so complex (much like HP) and the storyline is insanely interesting to me. I love when authors write about love that’s not perfect and beautiful and healthy – because really, when is it in real life?

19. You're sitting the final examination for a class that has given you a lot of trouble. Your grade is borderline, you really need to do well on this final to get an A. You can see the paper of your friend who sits next to you and who happens to excel in this subject. You've gotten to a question that you're stuck on. Do you glance at your friend's paper to figure out the answer or not? Why? Yes. I would first waffle in my head over whether or not to cheat, and I would try not to cheat any more than absolutely necessary, but I would. I would let my friend cheat off me too – I think tests are an insanely stupid way to measure intelligence.

20. In Goblet of Fire, Harry was chosen for the Tri-Wizard Tournament even with the
age-line. Ron was unable to enter because of the age restriction even though he really
wanted to be a part of the Tournament. Was Ron right to be jealous/angry at Harry? Were
Harry's reactions appropriate? Why?
Ron was absolutely correct to be upset! Imagine if you were the loyal sidekick (reminiscent of always the bridesmaid, never the bride) and your best friend consistently outshone you in most everything (Ron was prefect, true, but Harry would have been had not Dumbledore exercised restraint) beat the age line and you, once again, were stuck on the sidelines. I would have done the same thing as Ron, but perhaps with a little more trust in Harry. And Harry needs to understand that even if he didn’t ask to be “The Boy Who Lived” or “The Chosen One” and such, he still is and it must be hard for his friends to be in the shadows. But I think Ron needs a good dose of maturity and Harry needs a swift kick to the ass.

21. Which class would you look forward to the most at Hogwarts? Which classes do you/did
you excel in most at school?
I would really look forward to Charms and Transfiguration and History of Magic. I think Charms would be great fun, and Transfiguration very useful and interesting and the world of Magic must have an amazing history. I am best at English and History and Drama (and horrible at Math! Horrible!). Next semester I’m going to be the TA (teaching assistant) for my Political Economy of Women class, and I would love to see a “Feminism and Magic’ course at Hogwarts!

22. What would be the first place you visit during a Hogsmeade weekend? Why? Oooh, touch call between Zonko’s and Honeyduke’s. My friends and I would probably go to Zonko’s to load up on joke wands and such, and then off to Honeyduke’s to sate my enormous sweet tooth.

23. In the wizarding world, all 5th year students are required to pick a career to
focus on going into their 6th and 7th years at Hogwarts. What career path would you
choose? Why?
Everyone says Auror, and that’s the most discussed career path, but I think I’d like to be a Professor at Hogwarts. I am going to go into publishing after graduating, and then eventually get my Master’s and teach (that’s the plan, anyways). Some of my teachers have left such a huge impact on my life, and I think that’s extremely important. I also think it’s crap that entertainers and athletes get paid so much when educators get shafted.

24. In the Wizarding world, some pure-blood wizards consider Muggle-borns "filthy" and
"horrible." In our world, people are categorized by their wealth, racial background, and
appearance. What are your opinions on Muggle-borns? What are the qualities that you
value in others?
I am a Muggle, so…I can’t really judge, now can I? I don’t see the big deal whatsoever. My family is (unfortuanetly) very racist, and thankfully that’s a trait I’ve avoided. I can never understand why someone could be judged because of the color of their skin or sexual orientation or anything like that. It’s unfathomable to me. I really value loyalty and a sense of humor the most – and the ability to laugh at yourself. It took me a long time to cultivate that, so I greatly appreciate it in others.

25. You have stumbled across five magical wells. One is the Well of Common Sense and
Logic, the second is the Well of Creativity, the third is the Well of Optimism, the fourth
is the Well of Physical Strength, and the fifth is the Well of Beauty. You can only drink
from one well, but once you do you will be endowed with that ability for the rest of your
life. Which well do you think you would definitely not need, and which do you think you
would want to drink from?
I wouldn’t drink from the Well of Physical Strength, because I don’t really think that’s all that necessary (unless you’re one of those fake wrestlers on WWF or something, but even then it’s entertainment, not strength) and I definitely need to take a long and hearty gulp of common sense. I have none, whatsoever. I once burned a bowl of cereal, that’s how bad it is.

26. In Half-Blood Prince, we witnessed Harry force-feeding Dumbledore the potion that
weakened him, even though it pained Harry to do so, because he promised Dumbledore he
would do whatever he wished. If you were in Harry's position, would you have stopped
feeding Dumbledore the potion, or would you have continued? Do you think it was right for
Harry to do as Dumbledore wished? Explain.
I would have continued. Promises are extremely important, and I trust (ed? No, I still do even though he’s passed on) Dumbledore with everything I have.

27. Anything else you want to tell us before we sort you? Also, please tell us where
you heard about this community. (Members who refer new applicants receive points, so please
try to be as specific as possible.)
I like to sing in the shower. To cheesy 80's cock rock.

p.s. I found this from suckyfucky
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