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supernatural and house

1. Name: Emily

2. Age: 19

3. Gender: Female

4. What are your hobbies/interests outside of HP? How do you feel these hobbies/interests contribute to your personality? I love artistic endeavors: photography, poetry, and drawing. Photography lets you capture and instant in time, to preserve a certain aspect – the shadow on a sidewalk, the sun disappearing behind the reflective windows of a big city high-rise – that may never come again. Art lets people experience things through my eyes and thoughts, liberating me. Being the dork that I am, I also recently acquired a graphic design hobby as I am currently teaching myself web coding. I also am obsessed with books. Ever since I was little, they were my means of escape and adventure. Mystery novels gave me the satisfaction of solving a crime (if I could refrain from looking at the back of the book long enough to get through it). Fantasy let me learn magic and discover the most surreal places and creatures. Historical fiction gave me a glimpse into the past that made me actually want to learn history. My all time favorites though would have to be the books based on Arthurian legends – a combination of history and fantasy that introduced my to mythology. I am extremely athletic as well. My favorite sports are swimming and water polo. Water Polo is one of the best sports ever!! It’s like a combination of soccer and rugby but played in the water – really brutal but so much fun. As a distance swimmer I learned to deal with myself – to fight with myself to keep going when I was tired or push myself to make that extra practice. Water Polo, more of a team sport, gave me the ability to interact socially, follow orders, and be an awesome cheerleader when my friends really needed it. I am an associate editor of an online research journal for marine science (I am a marine science major), and I love writing articles that either help other undergraduates further their careers in the sciences or just open the public’s eyes to the happenings in the marine science world. I am also really random sometimes. For instance, I have an insane smoothie obsession, secret love of Chuck Norris jokes, and an embarrassing addiction to accents.

5. Which Harry Potter character do you feel you can relate to the most? Explain. Which character is your favorite? Again, explain. Even though it is totally cliché I would probably say Hermione Granger. Besides the fact that I look like her (cue bushy, uncontrollable brown hair and rather embarrassing front teeth – once for a summer job I even portrayed her at a festival for the HBP release), I also feel I exhibit many of her traits. I’m not the girl who stresses over her appearance, although I must say I can clean up nicely when I put in the extra effort, and I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to education – my freshman year of high school I was already searching for colleges!!! I’m also a stickler for rules. That being said, I am always the one to find loop holes or come up with ways to not get caught for breaking said rules (example: two of my friends and I ditched a period of school because we were taking a standardized test and finished early so we decided, since we had the rest of the morning exempted, we just wouldn’t go back to class – we called it “ditching the Honors way”). Like Hermione, my friends always come to me to help them with their homework and, occasionally, I let them copy some of my answers. Also, I have a tendency to overload myself with advanced courses – my senior year in high school was all advanced placement (college level) classes.

6. Give us the reasons for and against you being sorted into each of the houses.
a. Gryffindor
For: I have a really strong sense of integrity. I know what I believe in and will fight for it, even if my beliefs are unpopular and especially if they differ from my friends. In that respect I guess I am also sort of brave: not like Harry-brave but like Neville-brave.
Against. I am more of a behind-the-scenes girl myself, something that Gryffindors definitely are not. I absolutely hate being the center of attention. I am also more apt to have a couple of close friends than a huge network of people. Gryffindors also strike me as a bit rash, whereas I have a habit of over-thinking everything and then acting.

b. Hufflepuff
For: I am extremely loyal and often play the “moderator” amongst my friends when they get into a fight. I am always ready to lend money, a helping hand, or even some advice to anyone in need. The majority of people may overlook me, but I can always be counted on in a pinch.
Against: I procrastinate….a lot. I have a habit of doing the minimum required of me unless I truly enjoy something, in which case I give 110%. I also complain a lot if I have to do something I don’t really want to do. I may get it done, but I will make the biggest deal out of having to do it.

c. Ravenclaw
For: Simply put, I am a huge nerd. I love books and learning (even if they aren’t related to school). Education is my life, which sometimes seems to alienate others – something I see happening in the books. I tend to associate with the more bookish types as well. Sometimes I tend to flaunt my intelligence a bit and I can be a bit sarcastic.
Against:I am also a jock and absolutely love sports. I swim and play water polo. At college I tailgated before every home football game and could always be found decked out in garnet and black behind the end zone. I also tend to party a lot with my friends and get rather rowdy **wink**wink** which strikes me as very unravenclaw-like.

d. Slytherin
For: I can be very manipulative to get what I want (I perfected the art of “guilting” people). I rationally think out everything, do plenty of research, and wait patiently while I set my plans in motion. I am rather methodical when it comes to action and like to careful consider the pros and cons of what I am about to do as well as what I will gain from my actions.
Against: I don’t really agree with the philosophy that muggle-borns are “lesser.” I also would never deliberately hurt someone to get what I want. I go to a college where our mascot is a gamecock (rooster’s crow fatal to the basilisk). Also, I am not particularly found of basements or dungeons, as I have a history of being clumsy and hurting myself in them.

7. What was your least favorite moment in HP? For some reason I just really didn’t like CoS, I felt is was really contrived and the writing was a bit sub-par compared to the other books. However, my least favorite moment in the series would have to be when Sirius fell through the veil. It may sound fan-girly but I was absolutely devastated. I know why he had to die, but for some reason I just hoped for once in Harry’s life he could just be happy.

8. What about HP appeals to you (e.g. the romance, the adventure, the friendships, the fantasy, the mystery)? Definitely the fantasy, but also the romance and friendships. I have always loved fantasy novels, but HP combines that fantastical with reality that makes everything so much better. As for the romance, I must admit I harbor a secret love of romance novels, and even though JKR isn’t the best romance writer, the fact that her characters have so many issues with love gives me hope (which I suppose is kind of sad). As for the friendships, I must admit they remind me of some of my own friendships. I love how everyone is different with their own specialties that make the group as a whole so powerful.

9. What would you do if your friend was in danger? What would you give up in order to save them? Would you lay your life on the line? As far as giving up my life, no. Death, above all else, terrifies me. Stick me with needless, keep me in a black box with no way out, cover me with spiders and snakes, I’m your girl. However, where death is involve count me out. I would do pretty much anything for my friends – even giving up things I have really worked hard for or wanted because they needed them more (which has happened).

10. Given a choice between fame and money, which would you choose? Definitely money. I hate being the center of attention – who wants paparazzi always following you around or having to deal with people who only wanted to be your friend because your famous. Of course you might have to deal with the friend issue with tons of money, but I don’t think it would be as bad. As long as the money didn’t end up making me like some kind of monster on sweet sixteen I think I would be good. Plus then I would be able to travel the world and see all the places I have dreamed of seeing (plus listen to all those cute British and Australian accents). Also I wouldn’t be so indebt because of college.

11 If you could only store one memory in the Pensieve to visit over again, which one would it be? Why? I have a twin brother with major disciplinary issues. One summer, my family was supposed to take a vacation down to the Florida Keys and even go swimming with dolphins, but my brother managed to screw everything up so we couldn’t go. My mom knew how upset I was (I had been looking forward to the trip for 6 months) so she got off of work, took me out of swim practice and drove me up to Mall of America in Minnesota (a seven-hour drive from Chicago). For two days my mom and I hung out, shopped, and talked. I even convinced her to ride the indoor roller coaster in the middle of the mall. It was the best vacation I ever had because I got to spend time with just my mom. To this day she is my best friend and my number one confidante.

12. What excites you the most in life? Where do you get the most joy and fulfillment? I love the thrill of the unknown. I know what I want to achieve and have everything carefully planned out so that I can achieve it. Yet, every so often there are those things that you can’t plan for and just kind of appear, for better or for worse. It’s those things that brighten up my day and make life worth living. My life would be so boring and repetitive if I never got to experience the taste of Ethiopian cuisine or spend a week on a research vessel in the Caribbean or met the fantastic people who force me to rethink the preconceived notions I was brought up believing.

13. If you were in Harry's position during the "Snape's Worst Memory" incident, how would you view Peter, James, Sirius, Lily, Remus, and Snape differently? Why? Probably the same. James and Sirius are like those extremely popular boys who don’t really deserve to be so popular and are real jerks sometimes but you can’t keep yourself from hoping that maybe, just maybe, there is something more to them that they are keeping hidden. I can sympathize with Remus and Peter, getting swept up in the situation – everyone has experienced peer pressure after all. I can sympathize with Snape as well, all though I just get the feeling that this is one of those ongoing war-type deals that are completely stupid and pointless from an outsider’s view, but perfectly legit to the people involved. As for Lily, I think she behaved, for the most part, admirably. She was right to stand up for Snape, although he didn’t want it, but in verbally bashing James she was sort-of sinking to his level.

14. Imagine you were an eleven-year-old Muggleborn witch/wizard who did not know about magic and had just received your Hogwarts letter. How would you react to leaving home and going to a magic school? **packs bags and runs out door** I would probably scream with excitement and jump up and down repeatedly. Sure it would be sad to leave my family and friends, but that would be the opportunity of a life time. The ability to learn magic along with a completely different history of the world would be fascinating. Besides, I could always borrow a school owl and send letters to my family back home (my brother would be so jealous!!)

15. If you had access to a time turner and there were no regulations regarding its usage, what would you use it for and why? I would go back in time and attempt to do my homework – although that probably wouldn’t happen, I’d probably procrastinate even more. More than likely I would go back in time and visit different eras – the twenties because that period in time has always fascinated me, or the Renaissance and Enlightenment because of the amazing artistic endeavors and thoughts being developed at the time.

16. In the Philosopher’s Stone (AKA Sorcerer’s Stone) Neville had a choice: he could let his friends go out at night when they weren’t supposed to and potentially they could lose points for his house, or he could confront them and stop them from breaking the rules. What would you have done in his situation? I would have attempt to stop them (and probably have met the same fate as Neville). Amongst my friends I am known as the voice of reason. I am always the one rationalizing and listing off everything that could go wrong. Plus I would be the one worried about the consequences (kind of like Hermione’s quote from the movie saying that expulsion was worse than death – I wouldn’t go that far but being expelled is one of the worst things I can think of!)

17. Who (dead, alive, or fictional) do you most admire? This can be someone from real life or from Harry Potter. I really admire my mom, which may be cliché, but is very true. She has always been there for anyone who needed her. She is always giving her time – whether to chauffeur my brother and I around, act as a leader for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, or log in hour upon hour helping to proof papers or critique projects. She even went back to school in her late forties to pursue her dream of being a graphic designer. She is a perfect role model for both me and my brother.

18. What is your favorite book outside of Harry Potter? What is it about this book that endears it to you? I absolutely hate these questions because I can never pick just one book. I was really impacted by Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried. I almost never read war novels, or those written in the stream-of-conscious style, but for some reason this novel seemed to strike a chord. I loved the writing and the seamless intertwining of the different stories. (It’s also probably the only war related story I have ever liked).

19. You're sitting the final examination for a class that has given you a lot of trouble. Your grade is borderline, you really need to do well on this final to get an A. You can see the paper of your friend who sits next to you and who happens to excel in this subject. You've gotten to a question that you're stuck on. Do you glance at your friend's paper to figure out the answer or not? Why? No. Although I have no problem giving or getting answers to homework or projects, I haven’t cheated on a test and don’t think I ever will. It just seems to cross a boundary for me. Also, knowing me, I would probably pick the one question they had guessed on and end up getting the question wrong anyway. There is always something to be said about guessing when you don’t know the answer.

20. In Goblet of Fire, Harry was chosen for the Tri-Wizard Tournament even with the age-line. Ron was unable to enter because of the age restriction even though he really wanted to be a part of the Tournament. Was Ron right to be jealous/angry at Harry? Were Harry's reactions appropriate? Why? I think their reactions were human. There have been plenty of times when I was passed over for something I wanted (and thought I deserved) and one of my friends got in instead. It is right to feel betrayed and jealous. However, as long as the other person involved didn’t intentionally set out to screw you over, I think it is really important to just get over it and try to restore the friendship, some things aren’t worth losing friends over.

21. Which class would you look forward to the most at Hogwarts? Which classes do you/did you excel in most at school? I would definitely look forward to transfiguration. How cool would it be to turn something into something completely different. I would really want to learn how to become an animagus. Even though it would be really difficult, I would love to be able to turn into an animal and to be able to say that I had accomplished something that view people were able to do. In school I do well with all of the Sciences (except for physics) and am exceptional in History and English.

22. What would be the first place you visit during a Hogsmeade weekend? Why? Definitely Honeydukes. I am addicted to sweets – especially those that are chocolate and butterscotch flavored. I would also try to find a shop that makes smoothies, although I don’t know if they would have them, because smoothies are the most amazing things ever!!

23. In the wizarding world, all 5th year students are required to pick a career to focus on going into their 6th and 7th years at Hogwarts. What career path would you choose? Why? I would want to be a Hogwarts professor, probably teaching Transfiguration. Right now I am in school attempting to become a Marine Biologist and hope to one day work as a college professor and researcher. I love education and want to continue learning throughout my life. However, I also want to impart all of the things I have learned to future generations.

24. In the Wizarding world, some pure-blood wizards consider Muggle-borns "filthy" and "horrible." In our world, people are categorized by their wealth, racial background, and appearance. What are your opinions on Muggle-borns? What are the qualities that you value in others? As a muggle-born I think we are just great!! I absolutely hate how people put down other races or religions just to feel superior. People are people and the more you look to find faults the more you miss the common humanity that links us all. Why should it matter if they are just like you. If people are genuinely good, kindhearted and open-minded enough to look past your faults, don’t you owe them the same courtesy?

25. You have stumbled across five magical wells. One is the Well of Common Sense and Logic, the second is the Well of Creativity, the third is the Well of Optimism, the fourth is the Well of Physical Strength, and the fifth is the Well of Beauty. You can only drink from one well, but once you do you will be endowed with that ability for the rest of your life. Which well do you think you would definitely not need, and which do you think you would want to drink from? I would definitely not need the Well of Common Sense and Logic – I already have enough of that (to the point were I overanalyze everything). I would probably drink from the Well of Optimism just because I have a tendency to dwell on the negative more than I would like. And after all, everyone needs a little ray of sunshine in their life!

26. In Half-Blood Prince, we witnessed Harry force-feeding Dumbledore the potion that weakened him, even though it pained Harry to do so, because he promised Dumbledore he would do whatever he wished. If you were in Harry's position, would you have stopped feeding Dumbledore the potion, or would you have continued? Do you think it was right for Harry to do as Dumbledore wished? Explain. I would have done as Dumbledore wanted. A promise is a promise, and all though some promises should be broken to protect those that you love, Dumbledore was more than capable of understanding the peril that he faced. I would have trusted his judgment enough to carry out his wishes, although I probably wouldn’t have forgiven myself if he had died.

27. Anything else you want to tell us before we sort you? Also, please tell us where you heard about this community. (Members who refer new applicants receive points, so please try to be as specific as possible.) I like to sing in the shower. I also dance in my room when I am only and watch reruns of 80s television shows – Fraggle Rock anyone? I love trivia games, especially those relating to pop culture, and I am addicted to the computer game Bejeweled.
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    1. Name: Emily 2. Age: 19 3. Gender: Female 4. What are your hobbies/interests outside of HP? How do you feel these hobbies/interests…

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