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lasagna part 2

Name: Teresa LeCompte
Age: 23
Gender: Female

1. You’re walking through Diagon Alley, and a tall man, wearing very expensive-looking robes, drops a small pouch of Galleons on the ground in front of you. He doesn’t seem to notice that he’s dropped the pouch, and it couldn’t be more than enough Galleons to get a few drinks at The Leaky Cauldron. What do you do? Why?

I would pick it up and take it to him. Its not my money and therefore I have no right to just take it. So I would walk up to him tap him on the shoulder, if I can reach it, and tell him where he dropped it. Its not right to take things that arent yours. If hes got alot of money who cares, this is his too. Hey, maybe he will just let me have it for being so honest.

2. In his prime, Dumbledore was a very powerful wizard and a wonderful Headmaster. Do you think that the new Headmistress, Professor McGonagall, will make a good replacement? Why or why not? Who would you have chosen for your Deputy Headship? Why?

I think that Professor McGonagall will make a wonderful headmistress. She is fair and plays by the rules. Even though she is very strict sometimes she will run the school very well. I would have definitely chosen her as Deputy Head because she is a very well rounded woman. She knows what she is doing and is fair in all of her dealings with the students. Professor Dumbledore was an incredibly intelligent man, he knew what he was doing when he picked McGonagall. As far as a Deputy Headship, I think Hagrid might make a good Deputy Headmaster. He loves Hogwarts more than anyone, and he would fight to the death to protect the students. So, maybe McGonagall will name Hagrid Deputy Headmaster.

3. The Marauders (James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter) clearly had some excellent magical talents (being unregistered Animagi, creating the Marauder’s Map, etc.). Which of the four Marauders do you feel was the most magical wizard in his prime? Why? Who do you feel was the most successful in life? Why?

This is a very hard question. I would say that the best at school would be Lupin. He knew his subjects very well, he was a lot like Herimone is in school. Sirius also had his own moments, he was very intelligent especially at pranks, he was a bit reckless, he is a lot like the weasley twins. James was the most talented as far as activities went, being an excellent Quidditch player. I don’t think I could place any of them ahead of the others, except maybe Peter would be at the back of the line. The teachers said at the Three Broomsticks that he needed a lot of help from the others. Plus he hung out with a werewolf and couldn’t remember the characteristics. Definintly not the brightest crayon in the box.

4. Do you feel that Harry was right in using the Half-Blood Prince’s potions book? Was Hermione right in telling him not to? What would you have done in Harry’s position? Why? What would you have done in Hermione’s position? Why?

Ok Harry probably shouldn’t have used the book, however, Herimone has a big problem with always having to be right. She shouldn’t have told him off as often as she did , it seemed like she was more interested in being ahead of the others in the class and didn’t like Harry doing better than her. In Harry’s position I probably would have done the same thing until the Sectumsempra spell. That would have scared me a bit. In Hermiones postion I would have been upset but then again its none of my business, so I would probably say something once and then be done with it. I had put my 2 cents in and that would be it.

5. Would you have used the random spells written in the Half-Blood Prince’s potions book (You can't just say you know or could look up the Latin. Imagine that the spells were created in a language you'd never heard of.)? Why or why not?

I don’t know if I would or not. I think that not knowing what they were for would scare me a bit, but im also a very curious person. The book helped with the bezoar so, I probably would end up using some of them. Levicorpus is pretty funny, but if I read the spell was for enemies I wouldn’t use it. No one deserves to be hurt, and if I had the chance of hurting someone i wouldnt do it. Harry was in a difficult position, but he shouldnt have used a spell that he had no idea what it did. He could have killed Draco, and been in alot more trouble than he was in to begin with. Its best in a situation like that to do your best to get out of the situation, but not at the risk of someones life.

6. Every day we make many choices. Are you comfortable with the choices you make (large or small), or are you more indecisive? Explain.

Im usually pretty comfortable with the choices I make. I think about the big ones for awhile before I make them. If its something small I will do what seems the best at the time, and hope for the best. That’s all you really can do. You wont always know the consicquences of your actions. So, the best that you can do is to follow through with your gut feeling and hopefully that will be the best course to follow.

7. Hermione created S.P.E.W. even though the other students disagreed with her ideas. Are you able to stand up for what you believe in, even if others mock you for your beliefs? Have your opinions (or outspokenness) gotten you into trouble? Explain.

I am pretty outspoken. If the situation is something that I totally believe in I will do it no matter what. What other people think of you isn’t important, what is important is what you think of yourself. Yes, on occasion my opinions have gotten my in trouble with friends or family, but in the end they love me anyway so that doesn’t matter to me, what matters is that im doing what I feel is right. If you dont follow your heart you end up regreting the things in your life that you always wanted to do. I dont want to look back on my life and say, if only. I want to look back and say, I did my best and followed my heart, I did evreything i could to follow my dreams.

8. Are there any courses at Hogwarts that you feel should be mandatory, regardless of a student’s chosen career path? Why or why not?

I would defintily say that potions should be mandatory as well as charms and transfiguration. These are things that the wizarding would need every day, so these classes should be mandatory. The class about Muggles would be a good class to because they are a part of a wizards everyday life. Everyeone should know about other peoples lifestyles. It’s a good thing.

9. If you were going to teach at Hogwarts, what course would you teach? Describe it for us.

I think I would actually end up teaching care of magical creatures. I love magical creatures and myths. I would probably be the female counterpart of Hagrid, only I love the beautiful beasts and interesting creatures not so much the giant spiders. But I would defintnly have to involve unicorns, hippogriffs, griffins, pegasi, mer people, chimeras and of course, dragons. The big creatures that are so beautiful and almost always useful to the wizarding world.

10. What class do you think you’d excel in at Hogwarts (take into account the teacher and their grading policies, class work, what you’re good at now, etc.)? Why?

I would most definintly excel in Care Of Magical Creatures, like I said before I love the magical animals and would enjoy working with them all of the time. Although with Hagrid as a teacher it wouldn’t be the ones I would like to see as much, more monsters than anything, but I would still love the class and do well in it.

11. What would your schedule look like at Hogwarts? Would you request use of a time-turner to take loads of classes? Would you take the bare minimum? Explain.

I wouldn’t take loads of classes. But I wouldn’t take the minimum either a nice full schedule without overlapping the classes would be good for me. If I have too much time off I would get bored and not enjoy myself. I want to know as much as I can without overtaxing myself. Hermione ended up turning in the time turner. If she couldnt handle it, as smart as she is, I really dont think anyone can, especially me.

12. Professor Trelawney tells you that the thing you are dreading will happen on the 23rd. What is the thing you are dreading? Do you believe her? How does this affect you? Explain.

The thing I would be dreading would be to lose a family member. My grandmother is sick and if she were to die it would tear me down. I don’t know if I would believe her or not. She defiantly seems like a right old fraud to me. She has only predicted little things, and according to Mcgonagall she predicts a new death every year. It would affect me to and extent , her telling anyone that would make you cringe. But, it would only affect me for a little while. You cant live your life dreading tommorow, it would be enough to drive anyone crazy.

13. Would you bring a pet to Hogwarts? Remember, it can only be a rat, toad, cat, or owl. Which would you choose to bring? Why?

I would probably bring a cat because the school has owls you can use, toads are gross, and rats are boring. I have a cool cat already and I wouldn’t want to leave her behind. She could keep the mice out of the dorm.

14. Would you rather have money or fame? Why? What would you do with the money/fame?

I would rather have fame, because money will get you in to trouble. Sure fame comes with its draw backs, everyone knowing everything about you. But I grew up without money and I could handle it for the rest of my life it wont hurt me any. I would use my fame for something good, like helping out with worthy causes. Getting others to help in the process. Money cant buy you happiness, and you can use your fame to help others. Plus if you think about it, alot of the time fame and money go together. So, if i were to become famous, maybe a nice hidden bank account would open up for me too!

15. For each house, give an argument for both why you should be sorted into that House and why you should not be sorted into that House, regardless of your actual opinions of the Houses. Basically, explain what traits you have of each House, and which traits you don't have of each House. Do not just give an explanation of what each House is and isn't.
a. Hufflepuff
For: im a very nice and loyal friend. I am always there when a friends in need. My friends call me when they need someone to lean on, or someone to talk to. I like to help as much as I can.

Against: on occasion I can get bored with being too friendly. You cant always be the up beat happy person. I get tired of being the one people always lean on. Sometimes i need a shoulder to cry on too.

b. Slytherin
For: I want fame and power, I want to be able to do evreything i set my mind to and not get looked down upon for it.

Against: I wont go to extremes to get fame and power. If it involves hurting someone, im not going to go that far. Not that all Slytherins are like that dont get me wrong, but i cant be the person who will do anything for a bit of power.

c. Gryffindor
For: Im a pretty brave person, I will go to any extent to help my friends. I am the type of person that likes to take long as nothing creepy crawly is around!!!

Against: Im afraid of spiders and snakes, and anything creepy crawly causes me to curl up in a little ball or run away!

d. Ravenclaw
For: Im very good in school, I love to work hard and strive to do my best, but alot of the times my best isnt good enough.

Against: I will on occasion get a bad grade in math. I suck at math. I dont like to stay up all night and worry about my school work. I know thats not what Ravenclaws are all about but i cant think of anything negative against any of the houses...this is hard!!!!

16. If you were participating in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, who would be the one you’d miss most? Why are they so special to you? Explain.

The one I would miss the most would be my boyfriend Frank. We have been together for over 2 years and he means the world to me. I love him so much and the thought of losing him makes me want to cry. He is my future husband, I cant live without him.

17. Why do you get up in the morning? What is your purpose in life? What is your passion? What makes you who you are? Explain.

I get up in the morning to greet the new day, im a very optimistic person. My purpose in life I don’t quite know yet. I know I want to have a family some day and to be either acting or teaching others how to act. My passion is acting and theatre. I love to be on the stage. That’s what makes me who I am, if someone sees me they usually know me as that chick who loves to act. That’s who I am. I am an actress.

18. Is there anything in your life that you just can’t live without? Would that answer be different in the Wizarding world? Explain.

The only thing I cant live without is my family. That wouldn’t change in the wizarding world. I love my family and I am a family oriented person. There are some things in this life that you cant live without. Mine would defintnly be my family.

19. If you had to change one (and only one) thing about yourself (personality, not physical), what would it be? Why? Would you change more things if you could?

I wouldn’t get upset as easily. I get upset over some of the smallest things. It really inhibits me as a person. I cant spend my life worrying if someone is going to hurt me. It’s a really big problem. That’s the only thing I would change about me, anything else and I wouldn’t be well…me.

20. If you could go back and tell your eleven year-old self one message, what would it be? Why?

Don’t date Clint. He is my ex fiancée and pretty much ruined me for a long time. He made it to where I couldn’t be myself. I wasn’t acting when I was with him, and I was living very far away from my family. It was the only bad decision that I regret in my life. If I didn’t ever have to go through it I would be a much happier person.

21. If you were the Minister of Magic, what laws would you change? What laws would you add? What laws would you remove? Why?

I don’t think I would change any laws. I think the only one that has any problems would be the restiriction on underage wizardry, but it’s a good thing too because you cant have little ones running around showing off in front of muggles. I might lower the age to when you get to school age you can use magic. That way they could practice during the summer.

22. Do you enjoy debating controversial topics? Are you easily offended? Have you taken time to read the rules in the Userinfo? Do you think you’ll fit in with this group of people?

I did read the user info. I don’t easily offended over little things on message boards but if you attack me I will get offended. I don’t mind debating controversial topics as long as it doesn’t lead to insults. I really think I will fit in well with the group and hopefully they will like me.

23. If you were sorted into a house that you didn’t feel you belonged in, how would you react? Would you live with it and make the best of it? Would you leave the community? Do you plan to stay and participate in the sub-communities no matter what house you’re sorted into?

I don’t care what house I get sorted in as long as the people there are easy to get along with. I wouldn’t leave the community if I wasn’t in the house that I didn’t want. That’s pretty selfish and childish. No matter what I would participate in whatever I am asked to. I just want to find a nice community of people.

24. Would you change this application in any way? If so, how? Why or why not?

No. it’s a good application, you need to find out whether or not people will fit in and know whats going on and this application seems like a cery good way to do so.

25. And finally, how did you come across this community? If it was an ad from a current student or faculty member, please state their livejournal name and where the ad was placed. (That person will receive House Points for your efforts, so please try to remember.)

The person that I heard of this was on the website. The name is melisus.
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