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Name: Emily
Age: 17
Gender: Female

1. You’re walking through Diagon Alley, and a tall man, wearing very expensive-looking robes, drops a small pouch of Galleons on the ground in front of you. He doesn’t seem to notice that he’s dropped the pouch, and it couldn’t be more than enough Galleons to get a few drinks at The Leaky Cauldron. What do you do? Why? Pick it up and give it back to him, if I was able to catch up to him. It's in both our best interests; The money belongs to him and it wouldn't be right not to say anything and I'm a believer in karma, you get what you give. Also, it goes along with the golden rule, treat others as you'd like to be treated. If, for some reason I couldn't find him I'd give it to someone who needed it, someone on the street or an organization of some sort for the same reason. It wouldn't be mine to keep.

2. In his prime, Dumbledore was a very powerful wizard and a wonderful Headmaster. Do you think that the new Headmistress, Professor McGonagall, will make a good replacement? Why or why not? Who would you have chosen for your Deputy Headship? Why? Yes, though she (obviously) won't be the same. She's been Dumbledore's co-worker for many years and I'm sure he would have confided in and otherwise worked closely with her, especially since they were in the same house. It's likely she's been influenced by him a great deal and hopefully she'll be able to bring what she's learned from him to the job. From everything we've seen in the books she's got a good head on her shoulders...she's a capable witch. I have faith in her.

If I were Headmistress, I'd like to have Remus Lupin as my Deputy (if Professor McGonagall wasn't an option, that is) as he's clearly loyal, has the desire to do what's right and I value the integrity and knowledge he showed as DADA teacher in Harry's 3rd year.

3. The Marauders (James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter) clearly had some excellent magical talents (being unregistered Animagi, creating the Marauder’s Map, etc.). Which of the four Marauders do you feel was the most magical wizard in his prime? Why? Who do you feel was the most successful in life? Why? They're all successful, in their own way. James, despite having been killed, lived a life in which he loved and was loved; Sirius may have suffered great harship and injustice but he was still able to rise above it and make his mark before he died; Remus has endured but has to live a rather lonely life; and Peter betrayed his friends and himself but wound up very close to one of the most powerful wizards the world has ever known. Ultimately, I'd say James because of the love he experienced while alive. As for most magical, I'd say Remus as he's well-read and, consequently, talented.

4. Do you feel that Harry was right in using the Half-Blood Prince’s potions book for potions class (Do not take the spells into account in this question.)? Was Hermione right in telling him not to? What would you have done in Harry’s position? Why? What would you have done in Hermione’s position? Why? Yes and No. No, he was not right to act as if his sudden mastery of potions was his own creation, but he was right to see something helpful and use it. Personally, I'm awful at Physics and math and I have a tutor so I can't very well belittle him for seeking help as I'd have done the same thing. At the same time Hermione was right to tell him not to use it as she was looking out for her friend's best interest.

5. Would you have used the random spells written in the Half-Blood Prince’s potions book (You can't just say you know or could look up the Latin. Imagine that the spells were created in a language you'd never heard of.)? Why or why not? No. I'm extremely cautions in my decisions, to the point of irritation. I'm not a reckless person and I'd no sooner skydive than use spells that I've never heard of and do not know the uses of. I might get curious and try one or two to make sure they were safe and then continue using them, but I'd be incredibly cautions about it (make sure I was alone with no one/nothing around that I could potentially harm).

6. Every day we make many choices. Are you comfortable with the choices you make (large or small), or are you more indecisive? Explain. I sometimes have problems with small, inconsequential decisions such as where to eat lunch or what time to meet a friend but I had no problem deciding which colleges I wanted to apply to. Usually it works out for the best and if it doesn't then the experience teaches me something. Generally once I make up my mind I don't waver and I stick to my plans, unless something I can't change or ignore gets in the way, because I do believe they're what's good or right for the given situation. To sum it up, I'm initially indecisive, but then hold to what I do chose to do.

7. Hermione created S.P.E.W. even though the other students disagreed with her ideas. Are you able to stand up for what you believe in, even if others mock you for your beliefs? Have your opinions (or outspokenness) gotten you into trouble? Explain. Of course, I greatly admire her for her actions. I routinely tell people not to use disgusting language involving gay people (it's a cause I've taken to heart because of my gay/bi friends), I've attended anti-war protests, I stand up to the "popular" girls picking on those "less" than them in dance class. I don't throw my opinions all over the place, only when it comes to those issues I feel most strongly about. Most things I'm able to let slide off my back, but when it comes to people treating others badly...As for a time my opinions have gotten me in trouble, I can't say much on the internet because it was a very personal matter, but myself and two friends had an altercation with a teacher we believed was behaving inappropriately and took it to the Principal of our school. No one believed us and we nearly went to court. He would have been prosecuting us instead of the (rightful) other way around. Later, I found that he lied about seeking legal action but said nothing because I knew I'd get removed from his class (which I need to recieve the IB Diploma) if I had any further altercations and I've had to feign getting along with him ever since.

8. Are there any courses at Hogwarts that you feel should be mandatory, regardless of a student’s chosen career path? Why or why not? As dull as it's portrayed in the books, History of Magic. I think it's extremely important for people to understand the circumstances from which they came. If you don't understand the past, you'll never understand yourself or those you interact with. Also, the old addage, those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, is very true in my book.

9. If you were going to teach at Hogwarts, what course would you teach? Describe it for us. History of Magic, for the reasons described above. Though, I'd make it more interesting and interactive. I'd take away the thoughtless memorization and present the information as real, live people and events. My own history teacher once told me that history is not dates, people, or battles. If that was all there was then there would be no history books, only history lists. I'd get rid of history lists.

10. What class do you think you’d excel in at Hogwarts (take into account the teacher and their grading policies, class work, what you’re good at now, etc.)? Why? History of Magic, and Ancient Runes because they're the closest equivalent to the Muggle classes I'm good at now. Despite any and all efforts to turn History into a boring batch of lists, I doubt Professor Binns could ever make me dislike it. I'd persue history on my own, so writing assignments and heavy books would, perversley, make the class wonderful for me. I'm good at languages (I took French and German at the same time, despite everyone from my friends to my parents to the administration telling me I wouldn't be able to handle it) and got As in both, so Ancient Runes should come naturally to me. Plus, the two dovetail, you could learn even more about the past through knowledge of ancient languages.

11. What would your schedule look like at Hogwarts? Would you request use of a time-turner to take loads of classes? Would you take the bare minimum? Explain. I'd rest somewhere in between the two extremes, but closer to needing a time-turner. I'd have to take the required courses but to "reward" myself I'd want to take something that I have an interest in, so I can imagine the classes would pile up.

12. Professor Trelawney tells you that the thing you are dreading will happen on the 23rd. What is the thing you are dreading? Do you believe her? How does this affect you? Explain. If I didn't know about the business of the prophesy I'd not believe her and probably think she was just a crazy old loon...but if I did know, then I'd trust her. The thing she'd be telling me about would probably be something happening to my friends, or me getting a low mark in something I'm generally good at. These are my two greatest fears: anything disrupting the comfortable flow of my life. I'd get incredibly nervous and neurotic, I'd bite my nails, not sleep too much, refuse to let my friends out of my sight, study in amounts that are truly anything I could to prevent what I was dreading.

13. Would you bring a pet to Hogwarts? Remember, it can only be a rat, toad, cat, or owl. Which would you choose to bring? Why? An owl, because they're the most useful. My parents would never let me have a toad or rat and I'm allergic to cats, so an owl would be the most logical choice anyway.

14. Would you rather have money or fame? Why? What would you do with the money/fame? Money. I'd never want to be famous, I think I'd start to lose myself. I'm naturally a very private person, so being in papers and having people think they knew me would scare me quite a lot. As for what I'd do with the money, I'd donate some of it, save some, and go on a huge trip around the world with the rest.

15. For each house, give an argument for both why you should be sorted into that House and why you should not be sorted into that House, regardless of your actual opinions of the Houses. Basically, explain what traits you have of each House, and which traits you don't have of each House. Do not just give an explanation of what each House is and isn't.
a. Hufflepuff
For: I'm loyal and friendly to most people I meet. I'm a people person and want to make everyone happy. I can't say 'no', basically.

Against: I'm lazy, I'll admit. Also, I'm pretty closed off about my emotions unless I feel it's really necessary that I let them show.

b. Slytherin
For: I'm ambitious. Cliche, yes, but also true. I know what I want once I make up my mind and I go for it. I don't stray from that path and I'll drive myself harder and harder to achieve it.

Against: I don't believe anyone is inherently better than anyone else. Yes, there are people I consider myself better than, but only because they've demonstrated disgusting behaviour in the past.

c. Gryffindor
For: I have strong opinions as to what's 'wrong' or 'right' and desire to defend them.

Against: I never said I always DO what's right. Also, I over-analyze far too much. I'm incapable of acting rashly.

d. Ravenclaw
For: I wish I could time travel to learn more about the past, my favourite hobby is reading, I'm part of the IB programme, which I consider to be a LOT like the Ravenclaw house.

Against: I procrastinate. I leave my math homework until Sunday night in favour of shenanigans with my friends.

16. If you were participating in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, who would be the one you’d miss most? Why are they so special to you? Explain. My best friend, Lindsay. She has seen me at my best and worst. She knows all my secrets and I know hers. She knows exactly how to cheer me up and I know her favourite order at Starbucks. We joke that we're the same person and we're attached at the hip (we even work together and for a week our boss thought I was Lindsay and she was Emily). She's such a huge part of my life, no one else is there for/with me more, so there's no one I could miss more.

17. Why do you get up in the morning? What is your purpose in life? What is your passion? What makes you who you are? Explain. This is embarrassing...but my 20th Century Topics class is, more often than not, the reason I wake up in the mornings. And when that's not the reason, after-school rehearsal is. Playing cards on the lawn at lunch, listening to RENT or Wicked in my car with my friends and learning my lines for the play are also high up there. My passion in life is people. I love history, my friends, learning about other cultures, developing my characters, in-joke, improptu duets and weekend plans. That is, in short, who I am. An amalgam of the past, my friends, and those I portray on stage. A good summation of my passions, too: history, theatre, and those close to me.

18. Is there anything in your life that you just can’t live without? Would that answer be different in the Wizarding world? Explain. I'd have a hard time living without theatre, whether experiencing or being part of it because that's my major outlet. Though, I'm not sure how much theatre exists in the wizarding world as, to the best of my knowledge, there's never been a mention of actors/film/plays in the books. So sticking to the wizarding world...recreational reading. It relaxes me and takes me away from whatever's troubling me at the time.

19. If you had to change one (and only one) thing about yourself (personality, not physical), what would it be? Why? Would you change more things if you could? I'd be more outgoing. I'm a rambunctious, bizarre little thing in situations I'm familiar with. But when I'm in an unfamiliar place with people I don't know...well then. You'd be lucky to get a word out of me.

20. If you could go back and tell your eleven year-old self one message, what would it be? Why? I'd choose not to. I'd be too afraid that I'd accidently mess up the future by tampering with the past. If I told 11 year old Emily to pay more attention in math class, maybe I would never have fallen in love with history. If I told her not to switch schools, I never would have met my friends.

21. If you were the Minister of Magic, what laws would you change? What laws would you add? What laws would you remove? Why? I'd definitely extend the laws in terms of civil rights. Such as the treatment of house-elves, for example. I'd ban Dementors from any place outside Azkaban, because of how horrible I personally find them...I'm not even sure the foulest criminals deserve to be around those things.

22. Do you enjoy debating controversial topics? Are you easily offended? Have you taken time to read the rules in the Userinfo? Do you think you’ll fit in with this group of people? I do. I think debate sharpens your mind, opens you up to other's points of view, and gives you the chance to let them see yours. As long as it's friendly, it's all good. I'm not easily offended, but certain insults/words will set me off (basically anything homophobic or racist). I've read the userinfo a few times over, and think I'll get along with people here. We all share a common interest, right?

23. If you were sorted into a house that you didn’t feel you belonged in, how would you react? Would you live with it and make the best of it? Would you leave the community? Do you plan to stay and participate in the sub-communities no matter what house you’re sorted into? I can get along no matter where I go, after some time. As long as I didn't have any personal conflicts with the members of my house (and I'm sure that won't be an issue!) I doubt I'd leave.

24. What did you like about this application? What did you dislike about this application? It was definitely the most interesting I'd seen. I liked question 15, and how you acknowledge that there's a little bit of each house in everyone. Also, the questions don't seek black and white (rather, blue or red or yellow or green, pardon the atrocious pun!) answers which means you have to put a great deal of thought into both answering and, later, interpreting them. There were some questions I found hard to answer, but that was just my own issue.

25. And finally, how did you come across this community? If it was an ad from a current student or faculty member, please state their livejournal name and where the ad was placed. (That person will receive House Points for your efforts, so please try to remember.) Random searching at an obscene hour.
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